Aleeah Grace Simms Age, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend

Aleeah Grace Simms, the daughter of Corey Tyler Simms and Leah Messer, was born on December 16, 2009. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, and Aleeah appears to be living with her mother as of 2022. She has gained popularity as the daughter of a reality television star, and people are curious about her because of her appearance on her mother’s show. Her mother starred in Teen Mom 2, an American reality television series in which her father appeared throughout the seasons.

Birthday of Aleeah Grace Simms

Aleeah Grace Simms was born in the United States of America in Elkview, West Virginia. Aleeah, who was born in 2009, has reached the age of 13 as of 2022. The date of Aleeah’s birthday is given as December 16.

The father of Corey Simms is a well-known television personality from the Teen Mom 2 show. Her mother, Lean Messer, is a country girl and former cheerleader who is also a famous Mom Teen star.

Illness/Disability of Aleeah Grace Simms

Aleeah Grace Simms has a twin sister named Aliannah Hope Simms, better known as Alli, who has had a rare illness since she was born.

Her sister was diagnosed with Titin muscular dystrophy, a rare type of muscular dystrophy discovered in adults only in 2014. There were only about 20 cases of this unusual type of progressive weakening sickness around the world at the time of her sister’s diagnosis.

Parents of Aleeah Grace Simms

Aleeah’s parents had many ups and downs, and it was even mentioned on her parents’ reality show. Her mother is shown putting everything on hold in order to graduate, care for her and her sister, and maintain her relationship with her father.

Her parents divorced briefly in 2010 because her mother wasn’t sure what she wanted out of their relationship. During this time, her mother, Leah, began dating her ex-boyfriend, Robbie.

Later that year, her parents reconnected and got engaged. Aleeah’s parents married in October, just before her first birthday, but in April 2011, her mother admitted to cheating. As a result, her parents divorced in June 2011.

Professional Career

Aleeah Grace Simms, who is only 13 years old, has no professional career. Nonetheless, her father, Corey Tyler Simms, and mother, Leah Dawn Messer, are both from the United States and are well-known for their roles in the television show Teen Mom 2.

The reality television show, which premiered on MTV on January 11, 2011, follows the lives of four teenage women during their first years as mothers.

That series also looked at their changing relationships with family, friends, and guys, as well as the challenges that young moms face when raising children. Aleeah Grace Simms’ mother gave birth to her and her twins while filming that show, and her parents’ relationship was also documented.

Social Media

Aleeah Grace Simms was seen in a Tiktok video with her mother in 2020, but she does not have her own Tiktok account as of 2022.