Alex Stokes Girlfriend, Age, Height, Siblings, Net Worth

Alex Stokes is a handsome young man who has become a well-known social media star as a result of his YouTube career. Surprisingly, he began his YouTube career with a 2-minute video of his elder twin brother Alan Stokes. Stokes Twins is the name of the channel, which has a large number of subscribers.

Alex and his brother used to post on the channel about crazy videos and pranks. Meanwhile, other types of videos, such as challenge videos, are a major reason for the channel’s popularity.

The fact that Alex Stokes and his brother Alan Stokes are twins is incredible. Because of their fantastic content, the duo has amassed a massive following. Furthermore, the fact that they are twins and work together has given them an advantage.

Alex Stokes has made friends with Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, Lexi Hensler, Jeremy Hutchins, Ben Azelart, and many more as a result of its popularity. In addition, fellow social media stars used to frequently appear on the Stokes twins channel.

Age of Alex Stokes

In 2022, Alex Stokes will be 25 years old. On November 23, 1996, he was born in Newquay, Cornwall, England. However, he now resides in the United States.

Alex Stokes was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Aside from that, the most recent qualification details show that he has graduated.

Alex Stokes has never made their parents’ names public. He is, however, of mixed ethnicity, as his father is British-American and his mother is Chinese. That’s why his face resembles that of a Chinese national. Alex’s parents have appeared on their account several times.

Apart from that, Alex Stokes has a twin brother, Alan Stokes, who is two minutes his senior.

They both have a YouTube channel called Stokes Twins. As a result, Alan and Alex’s careers are linked through a single YouTube channel.

His grandfather’s name is Chen, and he is no longer alive. His grandfather is to live in China, and after his death, the Stokes brothers made a video expressing their love for him.

Girlfriend of Alex Stokes

Alex, like Alan, is a bit of a secretive type of personality. His brother does have a girlfriend, as revealed by fans and the media. Alex, on the other hand, has never been in a relationship with another social media star or a regular girl.

He is more concerned with advancing his career, so he places fewer relationships on romantic relationships.

Height of Alex Stokes

Alex Stokes stands about 6 feet 1 height tall. He weighs about 70 kg, has a bicep size of 16 inches, a shoe size of 10 (US), and a body measurement of 44-32-38 inches.

When it comes to his appearance, Alex Stokes has brown eyes and light brown hair. Meanwhile, his skin tone is mixed, making him stand out and appealing in public or online.

Professional Career

Alex Stokes was an ordinary person who used to study and play in his spare time before becoming famous on YouTube. When he and his twin brother Alan Stokes are together, they have a vibrant appearance. That is what most people find fascinating about them.

Because of these factors, they decided to give it a shot and create unique content online. YouTube was very popular at the time, so they chose it.

The content they created together is very appealing and engaging to the viewers. The Stokes twins’ official YouTube Channel currently has over 7 million followers.

Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes created a Tiktok account with the same name after becoming famous on YouTube. Surprisingly, the Tiktok account has 30.5 million followers, far outnumbering Youtube.

Meanwhile, Alex Stokes has his own Instagram account with over 4 million followers. He is currently working hard with his brother to break into the film industry.

Alex Stokes’ Net Worth

The money earned by Alex and Alan is distributed through their main YouTube channel, which they both own. Alex Stokes’ net worth is approximately $600,000, which is slightly less than that of his twin brother.

On the other hand, Alex Stokes is said to charge around $700 for posting paid or sponsored content.

Aside from that, Alex Stokes and his brother run the Stokes Twins Tiktok account. They both earn money from the same account, so he does a lot of sharing as well. Aside from that, he has a personal Instagram with a large following, and it is expected that he earns money from there as well.

Finally, Alex Stokes works with major brands or services by representing their products and services. As a result, the industry pays him for the same reason.

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