Aliana Mawla Age, Height, Net Worth 2022, Boyfriend

Aliana Mawla is an American web star who goes by the Instagram handle “alianamawla,” where she frequently posts modeling photos and lifestyle content. She is frequently seen wearing, modeling, and walking around in beach swimwear and formal wear. Aliana has amassed over 30,000 followers on Instagram since joining the platform in October 2016. She is also said to be very popular on TikTok, where she posts trending pictures and videos. She has over 20,000 likes on many of her videos and posts videos on her social media accounts about cooking, fashion, and makeup.

Age of Aliana Mawla

Aliana Mawla was born on November 14, 1997, making her 24 years old. She was raised by her loving and caring parents, Mohammad Ali Al-Mawla (father), and an unknown mother.

She was raised with her brother Oman Mawla and is a fashion enthusiast.

Aliana Mawla’s Boyfriend

Aliana Mawla allegedly began a relationship with Liam Payne. Liam Payne, who said while dating Maya Henry that he is probably not good at maintaining relationships, has previously been in the spotlight after splitting with his ex-Cheryl Tweedy, with whom he shared a 5-year-old son, and with Maya Henry, with whom he engaged in a ceremony and later broke up.

According to British media, it only took Liam Payne one month to move on from his ex and connect with Aliana Mawla, with whom he was spotted walking hand in hand at London’s Heathrow Airport, just two days after the highlighted split with his ex-fiance, Maya Henry.

Mawla posted an Instagram photo of herself with a half-face of Payne and his arms around her neck. After seeing the half-photo of both faces, fans reposted and tagged Maya Henry, captioning, “How cute Liam and Maya look with each other…” and so on.

This drew the attention of Maya Henry, who rose to prominence after declaring that she loves her fans but requesting that they stop sending her pictures of her fiance wrapped around another woman.

Maya Henry referring to Liam as “her fiance” has left fans wondering whether she is still dating Liam. Aliana Mawla, on the other hand, broke her silence on Sunday, May 29, 2022, and put an end to all allegations that she was “another woman.”

The 24-year-old enthusiastic model addressed rumors that she was responsible for Liam and Henry’s breakup. Despite his previous relationships, Liam and British pop star Cheryl have a 5-year-old son named Bear Grey.

Aliana Mawla’s Net Worth

Aliana Mawla, who is around 24 years old and has a good relationship with her modeling and Instagram modeling career, is well-known for sharing her funny gigs in various niches.

She undoubtedly earns a sizable sum of money from her modeling career, estimated to be around $2 million.

Professional career

Aliana is a model who has worked with brands such as Pretty Little Things and Fashion Nova, and she has Snoop Dogg as one of her Instagram followers. She appeared in Payne and J Balvin’s Familiar music video.

Aliana frequently posts pictures on Instagram in collaboration with fashion, sports, lingerie, swimwear, and skincare brands such as Missy Empire, Pretty Little Things, Lounge Underwear Naked Wardrobe, and Fashion Nova.

She first appeared in Pyne and J Balvin’s Familiar music video in 2018. She can be seen in the video wearing a white top and making eye contact with Payne.

Payne was still in the spotlight at the time because, after a year, he ended his relationship with Cheryl and began dating Maya Henry.

Height of Aliana Mawla

Aliana Mawla is very attractive and has a wonderful personality. The celebrity actress is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She weighs 58 kilograms. Her eyes are a dark brown color, and she has black hair.