Andy Bassich’s Wife, Age, Net Worth 2022, Relationship, Bio, Facts

Andy Bassich is an American television personality best known for his role in the Life Below Zero television series. He is also well-known as Kate Rorke’s ex-husband.

Age of Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich was born on January 25, 1958, to private American parents. His birthplace is Washington, D.C., and he was born under the sign of Aquarius. He was raised alongside his sibling sister, the name of whom is also unknown.

Andy is of Turkish ethnicity and has American nationality. From a young age, he desired to explore nature. Andy left high school and traveled across the country.


Andy attended John F. Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel, Oregon. However, due to financial constraints, he was unable to attend college. Then he started working as a carpenter to help his parents pay their bills.

Married Life of Andy Bassich

Many Andy Bassich fans are curious about his relationship with his first wife. He previously married his first wife, Kate Rorke. His love story with Kate began in 2003 when they met in Dawson City, Canada. He was a riverboat captain at the time, and she was a tourist.

After a few years of dating, they married in a private ceremony, but their wedding date is missing. Then Kate moved to Alaska, where they lived along the Yukon River and in a 14-mile-away town. They did not have children during their marriage. In 2015, the couple announced their separation during an episode of “Lifе еlоw Zеrо.”

Kate then leaves the series and travels to her husband’s home in Alaska. Andy and Kate’s divorce was finally finalized in 2016. According to Kate, the primary reason for her presence was mental and physical abuse.

Andy Bassich’s Current Relationship

Andy moved on after his divorce from his first wife and was in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Denise Becker. Denise, his girlfriend, is a trauma nurse from Florida who was born in Canada. She also grew up on a farm with her parents in northern Saskatchewan.

Denise and Andy met on a canoe trip. Similarly, his partner Becker, who assists him in his recovery from injury, accompanied him to Florida. He was severely injured while working on the show “Life Below Zero,” but he came back stronger than ever in the new episodes. He stated

“If I didn’t have a partner to help me, there’s no way I could’ve come back here and accomplished what I need to do.”

What Became of Andy Bassich from ‘Life Below Zero’?

Fans wanted to know what happened to Andy Bassich after he returned to the show ‘Life Below Zero’ with crutches after a six-month hiatus. He had suffered a fatal hip injury while living in Alaska’s Eagle City. After making a comeback on Life Below Zero, he opened up about the accident in the docuseries. He stated,

“I’ve been gone for six months due to a really bad hip injury.” He continued, “Couldn’t get the treatment I needed in Alaska so I headed down to Florida to get the treatment I needed and spent the last six months with my girlfriend Denise.”

He also added

“I ended up with two infections one in the muscle, one in the bone and it almost killed me.”

The television personality went on to say,

“It’s time to get back to my home in Calico Bluff, play a little bit of catch up this summer with getting my dogs back down there, getting my house back in order. It’s been unmanned and unguarded for six months so I have no idea what kind of conditions I’m going to be walking into.”

Then he finished by saying,

“It’s going to be challenging to get everything done using crutches.”


Andy Bassich rebuilt his house after it was damaged in an accident in which he was severely injured. He has rebuilt the house to provide a safe haven for himself and his dogs.

Net Worth of Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich has a net worth of $500 thousand as a result of his appearance on the reality TV show “Life Below Zero.” Also, the reality show is his primary source of income.

According to reports, he earns $100,000 for his work on the reality show. Also, he has a very small epensе who does not pay any ball for his presence in Laka.

Andy Bassich’s Residence

Andy Bassich lives in Laka along the Yukon River. There is no water, connection, or electricity in his residence. He is also known to move around the lake with his 37-legged dog.

Height of Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich’s physical characteristics are as follows.

Andy Bassich is 1.81m (or 5 feet 9 inches) tall

Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs).

Grey hair color

Color of eyes: brown

Andy Bassich’s Interesting Facts

Andy Bassich is from Washington, D.C., and previously worked as a carpenter before joining Life Below Zero.

Andy discovered his burgeoning interest in travel at a young age.

He decided to move to Alaska in 1980, and his hobby became a way of life.

He has been living a free man’s life in the icy cold secluded land.

In 2013, Andy was cast as one of the six main characters in the documentary series Life Below Zero.

Following his appearance on the show, he became famous as well as wealthy.

In addition, the series depicts their day-to-day struggle to survive in the below-zero condition.

He commands more than 37 lеd dogs and moves with the wldеrnе.

Andy also runs a survival camp/school and provides outdoor and cabin cabins.

Andy was previously married but has yet to have children.

He appears to be having a good time in Alaska.