Steven Seagal’s Daughter Annaliza Seagal Bio, Age, Husband

Annaliza Seagal rose to fame as a celebrity child as a result of her parents’ fame. Steven Seagal, her father, is an American actor, screenwriter, and martial artist.

Age of Annaliza Seagal

She is the child of Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock. Kelly, Annaliza’s mother, is an American actress and model. Her birth year is 1987, and she was born and raised in the United States of America. Annaliza is of white ethnicity and has American nationality.

She has a brother, Dominic Seagal, and a sister, Arissa LeBrock. She also has two brothers, Kentaro Seagal and Kunzang Seagal, and two sisters, Savannah Seagal and Ayako Fujitani. Her aunt Brenda Seagal and uncle Harold LeBrock It’s safe to assume she has a good education.

Professional Career

Annaliza Seagal did not follow in her parents’ footsteps and thus is not involved in the entertainment industry. Similarly, she tries to avoid being in the spotlight. Annaliza did not reveal any information about her professional career.

According to reports, she may be involved in a business. However, details about her business work are kept private. Annaliza is also not active on any social networking sites.

Married Life of Annaliza Seagal

Details about Annaliza’s personal life, on the other hand, were kept private. According to reports, she may be single. Annaliza could be a married woman with her own family. She has yet to confirm anything about her personal life. However, we hope Annaliza has a happy personal life.

Similarly, she can keep all aspects of her personal life private. She could, however, be married and have children with her mysterious husband. On September 5, 1987, her parents, Steven and Kelly, married. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1996 after having three children.

Annaliza Seagal’s Parents’ Short Bio

Kelly LeBrock, Annalize’s mother, is an American actress and model who was born on March 24, 1960, in New York, New York, United States. She made her acting debut in The Woman in Red in 1984.

She also appeared in the 1985 film Weird Science. LeBrock grew up in London’s affluent Kensington district. Steven Seagal, Annaliza’s father, is an American actor, screenwriter, and martial artist who was born on April 10, 1952.

As a 7th-dan black belt in aikido, he began his adult life as a martial arts instructor in Japan. She eventually took over his father-in-dojo. law’s Later, Seagal relocated to Los Angeles, where he worked in the same industry.

He made his acting debut in 1988 with Above the Law and had appeared in four films by 1991. In 1992, Annaliza portrayed Navy SEAL counter-terrorist expert Casey Ryback in the film Under Siege. He is, after all, an environmentalist and an animal rights activist.

He was granted both Russian and Serbian citizenship in 2016. From 1996 to 2018, multiple women accused Seagal of sexual harassment or assault.

Net Worth of Annaliza Seagal

According to reports, Annaliza Seagal has a net worth of $100,000. She has been living a lavish lifestyle since she was a child. However, the specifics of her earnings from Annalize’s mysterious career have yet to be revealed. It was relatively simple for her to follow and maintain her career.

Steven Seagal, Annaliza’s father, is estimated to be worth $16 million. He rose to prominence as one of the top action movie stars of the 1980s and 1990s, which contributed to his net worth. Annaliza’s mother, Kelly LeBrock, has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Height of Annaliza Seagal

Annaliza Seagal stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) tall. Her body weight is approximately 63 kg (138 pounds). Similarly, Annaliza has lovely blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.