Aria Lyric Leabu Age, Parents, Net Worth, Siblings, Bio

Aria Lyric Leabu is a well-known American child actress from the United States. Aria Lyric Leabu is best known for her roles in films and television shows such as “The Call of the Wild” (2020), “Replicas” (2017), and “Mad Men” (2007-2015), (2005).

Age of Aria Lyric Leabu

Aria Lyric Leabu was born on July 31, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is currently 14 years old. Aria Lyric Leabu’s real name is Aria Lyric Leabu, and she prefers to be addressed by her given name.

She is widely regarded as one of the most gifted actresses in the United States of America. Aria is the daughter of Jeff Leabu, a model and former artist, and Jennifer Leabu, an actress. She has one brother, Tristan Lake Leabu, who is also an actor.

She comes from an actor family, and her parents are extremely supportive. There is no other information about her family members available. Her parents are extremely proud of her, and she is particularly close to her mother.

There is no information available about Aria’s childhood, her friends, her interactions with others, and so on. She began her acting career at a young age and has appeared in numerous series such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Mad Men,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” and “extant.”

Aria has also appeared in films such as “Replicas,” “The Thinning: New World Order,” and “New Life.” Her astrological sign is Leo, and she is of American nationality and Caucasian-American ethnicity. Her religion is Christianity.


There is no information available about Aria Lyric Leabu’s educational background. According to her age, she could be in school.

However, the school’s name has not been revealed. Maybe someday we’ll collect information about her education. We will update this website at that time.

Net Worth of Aria Lyric Leabu

Aria Lyric Leabu’s net worth is estimated to be US$ 650-700 Thousand in 2022. This includes her funds as well as her earnings.

Her primary source of income is her acting career. She has amassed a substantial fortune from her acting career, but she prefers to live simply.

Her monthly, weekly, and annual salaries are currently unknown. We will update her here if she provides her weekly, yearly, and monthly salaries.

Relationship Situation

Aria Lyric Leabu is not in a relationship and does not have a boyfriend. The girl, who is only 14 years old, is more concerned with finishing high school and upcoming film projects than with dating.

She’s too young to fall in love at the moment. If she ever gets into a relationship, we’ll update this website.

Professional Career

Aria Lyric Leabu began her career as an actress, appearing in numerous films and television shows. She appeared in television shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Mad Men,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” and “extant.”

All of the series are box office smashes. She appeared in films such as “Replicas,” “The Thinning: New World Order,” and “New Life.”

She is one of America’s most talented actresses, and all of her films have been box office smashes. Her brother is also an actor who has appeared in numerous films and earns a good living.

She is best known for her role as Zoe Foster in the film “Replicas,” directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff.

Endorsements for Brands

There is no information available about Aria Lyric Leabu’s brand endorsements. She is insignificant in terms of understanding or representing the brands.

She might help such companies in the future by spreading the word about their products. There is currently no information available, but we will update this page as soon as it becomes available.

Nominations and Awards

There is no information available about Aria Lyric Leabu’s awards and nominations. She is a talented actress who has appeared in numerous blockbuster films and television series, but she has yet to receive any awards or nominations.

She has a bright future ahead of her and numerous chances to win awards and nominations. If she continues to work like this, she will be the best voice actress in the world.


There is no mention of Aria Lyric Leabu’s scandal on any popular website, nor in the news or media. She has a positive image in the media and among her parents. She comes from an acting family and is a talented actress.

Her talent serves as an example for many others. Even a 14-year-old child outperforms most adults in terms of talent. She has not revealed any information about her personal life because she is a very private person.

Height of Aria Lyric Leabu

Aria Lyric Leabu stands 50 inches tall and weighs 21 kg. Her shoe and dress sizes are also unavailable. Other body measurements, such as hips, chest, waist, and biceps, are also unavailable.

Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are dark brown. She hasn’t said anything about it in the media, so gathering information about her body measurements is difficult due to privacy concerns.

Social Media

Aria Lyric Leabu is a frequent social media user. She has 1,888 followers on Instagram, has followed 420 people, and has posted 748 photos of herself. She is extremely attractive.

She does not use Facebook. We were unable to locate her official Twitter account because it did not have a blue checkmark.