What is Arista Ilona Age? Bio, Net Worth 2023, Parents

Arista Ilona is well-known as the girlfriend of well-known American actor Andrew Keegan. She is also known as the Senior Executive Assistant for Apple Music. Ilona founded Ilona Botanica, a company that provides products that are similar to the renowned Limpia treatments.

Andrew Keegan, a well-known American actor, and patron. He is well-known for his appearances in popular TV shows and films, such as Reid in the Party of Five series.

Age of Arista Ilona

Arista Ilona has not disclosed any information about her parents, siblings, birthplace, date of birth, or academic birthplace. Her father is Mexican, German, Spanish, and Yaqui Indian, while her mother is Puerto Rican. Arista Ilona was raised by her single mother and grandmother Cecilia.

She had a genuine close relationship with her grandmother, who nurtured her and taught her about culture, morals, food, and persistence. Ilona has mentioned that her grandmother was a wonderful person who helped others achieve spiritual sanctity, and she grew up in this setting. Arista Ilona was 15 years old when her grandmother died at the age of 72, and she suffered from minor depression.

Net Worth of Arista Ilona

Ilona is well-known as a celebrity woman and Apple Music’s senior executive assistant. Arista Ilona has achieved great success in her working life. Although Ilona has not published its exact net worth, it is estimated to be over $300,000.

Is Arista Ilona a married lady?

Ilona is involved in a romantic relationship. She is currently dating American actor and supporter Andrew Keegan. The couple welcomes their first child on March 15, 2016. Apart from this, there is no more information available about their relationship status.`

Arista Ilona’s career Line

Arista Ilona, well known as Andrew Keegan’s better spouse, has established herself as a successful businesswoman and Apple Music’s Senior Executive Assistant. Ilona Botanica was founded by her. The tenacious Ilona Botanica sells body mists and canvases made of holy materials.

Among the available items are I Am Restored Mist, I Call Forth Divine Light, Renew Sacred Body Oil, and I Release My Past Gracefully Sacred Womb Oil. The Botanica products remind Ilona of her grandmother Cecilia, who taught her how to use Limpia treatments. Her job is to help individuals integrate rituals into their daily life by arousing sacred presence and supervising their daily activities.

Ilona, on the other hand, is very involved with the Sacred Woman Retreat (SWR). It was founded in 2019 with the express purpose of creating gorgeous and inspiring sacred spaces for women to gather in an environment free of competition and judgment. The objective of the organization is to provide a secure area for women to be themselves, form sisterhood relationships, and recognize community support.

“We are a group of light-bringers, healers, and magic producers who believe that positivity, love, acceptance, and kindness can heal the world,” according to the official SWR website. Ilona completed her first broadcasting externship at ABC 7 in 2009. She uploaded a photo of herself with the ABC 7 employees on Instagram on November 16, 2012, with the remark, “1st Broadcasting Externship at ABC 7!”

In 2010, Ilona hosted four episodes of the television show New Music Live on the MuchMusic channel. Ilona announced the opening of a new ranch stay called Travel Medford on Instagram on July 21, 2013. Medford, a megacity in Southern Oregon, is located in the Rogue Valley. Ilona presided over the Trip Medford on September 28, 2013. During that period, she also had the opportunity to put her skills to the test by scaling walls, jumping over and under hurdles, and balancing across a rough plank.

On May 8, 2018, Ilona launched her cooperation with Constellations, a company that creates jewelry inspired by the 88 elysian patterns in the sky, on Facebook. In May 2019, Ilona hosted the inspirational podcast Sacred Girl Talk, which provided listeners a sense of their own power.

In the podcast, she talked about motherhood, confidently planning for a child, and embracing difficult experiences and phases of life. Ilona was a visitor at the Sacred Woman Retreats in Topanga, California, on August 16, 2021, where she presented talks on ceremonial magic and personification. In a Facebook post from July 20, 2021, she mentioned that her session will awaken the five senses and explain how doing so helps the sixth sense expand.

Social Media

Ilona looks to be active on social media. She is active on social media networks such as Instagram, where she has approximately 3,000 followers under the handle @aristailona.