Bader al Safar Net Worth in 2022, Dad, Age, Height, Siblings, Girlfriend

Bader al Safar is a Bahrain TikTok Star who is well-known for posting First-person POV, Reaction, and short comedy videos on his Tik-Tok account. On TikTok, he has over 10 million followers, with over 400 million lifetime likes. He began creating content in 2015-2016.

He has been collecting sneakers and streetwear since he was in elementary school. He has a large collection of designer sneakers from well-known brands. On his Instagram account, he shares content about his favorite sneakers brands, street-style fashion, and other topics.

Bader al Safar began his TikTok journey in December 2019, and his most popular TikTok video was posted in June 2021, receiving 5 million likes. His Instagram account has 318k followers, while his YouTube channel has 20.8K subscribers.

Age of Bader al Safar

In 2022, Bader al Safar will be 30 years old. On Sunday, December 22, 1991, he was born in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Capricorn is his zodiac sign. He is currently residing in California.

After finishing high school, he enrolled at the University of Westminster, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a focus on Finance. Following that, he pursued a diploma in social sciences at the University of London.

He is currently employed by Al Safar Groups as a finance manager and chief executive.

When comes from the Bader al Safar family, he comes from a very wealthy business family. Adel al Safar, the chairman and founder of the al Safar groups, is his father’s name. In the kingdom of Bahrain, his father is a very successful businessman. Mrs. Al Safar is his mother’s name, and she is a housewife.

He has an older brother, Mohamed Al Safar, and a sister, Samar Al Safar. Because they are all part of the family business and run various businesses in fields such as education, finance, technology, and others, all of the siblings are very smart and responsible.

Girlfriend of Bader al Safar

Bader Al Safar is not currently dating anyone, and he has never really discussed his relationship status.

Bader al Safar is currently unmarried and has no girlfriends or boyfriends. He is currently unattached. In one interview, he stated that his religious beliefs prevent him from dating or having a girlfriend. He also stated that;

“our religion only allows us to do marriage, except no relationship is allowed with a girl.”

Net Worth of Bader al Safar in 2022

Bader Al Safar’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2022. His family business, alsafargroup, provides the majority of his income, and he also promotes sneakers and other brands on social media.

Height of Bader al Safar

Bader Al Safar is a tall, good-looking man who stands about 5 feet and 10 inches tall. When it comes to his body shape, he has a lean body shape and looks very decent and smart, often seen wearing large sunglasses.

He has long black hair in a ponytail and a black beard, which adds to his refined appearance. His weight is around 65 kg, and he has a good physique. His skin is brown, and his eyes are black.

Professional Career of Bader al Safar

Bader al Safar is one of the best examples of someone who pursued his passion despite the outside noise. To put it another way, he paid the price for his dreams.

He is a social media influencer who has made a career out of his love of streetwear and sneakers. And has achieved great success up to this point, and is still rocking the social media world.

Badar finished his primary and secondary education in Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain). Following that, he relocated to the United States and graduated from the local university in Los Angeles.

In one interview, he admitted to having a severe obsession with collecting sneakers, shoes, t-shirts, and wristwatches.