Bailey Nelson Age, Height, Net Worth 2022, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend

Bailey Nelson is a handsome young man from England who is known as the world’s most famous Tiktok star and social media influencer. This young star’s charming personality and attractive looks, combined with the diverse genres of videos he posts on Tiktok, have enthralled millions of fans worldwide.

In general, the most outrageous content he posts on Tiktok is of the relationship variety, which has made him extremely popular around the world. Bailey Nelson is also well-known for posting a duet video with Charli D Amelio. The duet received millions of views, paving the way for the young star to gain global acclaim.

Bailey has had a sporty personality since he was three years old, thanks to his involvement with soccer. However, he eventually discovers his calling in the entertainment industry online. Fortunately, he was able to capture the attention of the audience and is now on his way to a successful career.

Age of Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson will be 18 years old in 2022. His birthplace is September 17, 2003, and he was born in Coventry, England. Bailey Nelson was born under the sign of Virgo. His current age and educational background indicate that he is enrolled in a high school in Coventry.

Bailey Nelson has two sisters named Harriet and Lexi, as well as one brother named Harley Nelson. Most importantly, none of them are well-known on social media platforms, as evidenced by their accounts having a small number of followers, similar to that of an average user.

Aside from that, the young TikTok star has never revealed anything about Bailey Nelson’s mother or father. It’s possible that he doesn’t want to discuss their parents in public. Otherwise, his parents would not have allowed him to do so. His mother is most likely a housewife, while his father may work or run a business.

Aside from that, he is of mixed ethnicity, Christian religion, and British nationality.

He is the only member of his family who is well-known on social media. As a result, it appears that he has never idealized anyone to begin his career. But he has a clever mind that insists on making videos on Tiktok in order to find a career. Fortunately, he did it the right way.

Height and Weight of Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall, which is ideal. His beautiful appearance attributes, on the other hand, tend to make the appearance attractive with similar height attributes. This young TikTok star weighs 58 kg and has body measurements of 37-28-38 and a shoe weight of 8.5 (US).

Because of his personality, the majority of his fans on Tiktok and other platforms are females. He has black curly hair, black eyes, and white skin, making his beauty stand out in public and on the internet.

Bailey Nelson’s Girlfriend

Bailey Nelson has a charming personality, a good height, and a lovely face. As a result, it would not be difficult for him to be single. Our investigation revealed that he is currently single, but we do know his close friend Mya O’Connor, who appears frequently on his Tiktok account. As a result, we may get a hint that she is Bailey Nelson’s girlfriend.

Otherwise, it would be obvious that he will not have a girlfriend. One possible explanation is that he is only 18 years old and does not require a girlfriend at this age. Otherwise, it is possible to focus on your career and avoid being in a relationship at this time. Whatever it is, we believe and hope that he will soon come out with his girlfriend in public and on the internet.

Bailey Nelson’s Net Worth

Bailey Nelson’s net worth is estimated to be in the $200k range. In 2022, the net worth is expected to increase. His earnings are primarily derived from social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram. He has a sizable following over there. As a result, major brands and businesses approach him for sponsored posts, endorsements, brand deals, and other opportunities.

He has offline affiliations with other businesses through which he represents their products or services on major platforms. He also does brand shoots, which provide him with a good income.


Bailey Nelson used to be the type of person who played football and loved sports before becoming famous on Tiktok. However, he became aware of TikTok when it became popular on the Internet.

The plan was to post a variety of content with no intention of turning it into a career. However, the consistent support he received on the platform enabled him to reconsider the platform and begin considering it as a full-time career. Based on that, he has over 1.5 million active Tiktok followers and over 12k Instagram followers.

He is currently working hard to create more engaging and quality content to increase his social media following. With the goal of gaining employment in the film industry.