Biggy Norris Age, Real Name, Net Worth 2022, Siblings

Biggy Norris is a talented young YouTube star who is well-known around the world thanks to the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, which is a well-known Australian Family YouTube Channel. The surprising thing about this family is that they have multiple channels with over 2 billion subscribers. In addition, all members of the family were invited to “The Today Show” and “The Ellen Show.”

Apart from being a member of the Famous Family YouTube channel, Biggy Norris has some exceptional abilities that you should be aware of. He is, for example, a talented and skilled full-time surfer and skateboarder. You can easily understand his skills if you watch a lot of his videos on YouTube. Biggy Norris is also a well-known figure because of his father. The latter was a professional swimmer who won a bronze medal for Australia in the Summer Olympics in 2000.

Age of Biggy Norris

Coda (Biggy) Cee Norris, also known as Biggy Norris, will be 13 years old in 2022. On January 30, 2009, he was born in New Castle, Australia.

Biggy Norris was born under the sign of Aquarius. In terms of his education, he has completed his preliminary studies. However, he has no plans to further his education because his career is already taking off.

Norris, Biggy Brooke Norris is his mother’s name, and Justin Norris is his father’s. His mother is a homemaker and a former junior swimming champion.

Biggy Norris’ father, on the other hand, was a professional athlete who competed in the Summer Olympics in 2000 and won a bronze medal. Both of his parents are official members of the Norris nuts family YouTube channels.

Aside from Charm Norris, Biggy Norris has five siblings: Sabre Norris, Disco Norris, Naz Norris, and Sockie Norris. They are all connected to the YouTube industry.

They’re all working on the Family YouTube channel, which is helping them gain a lot of fame. Sabre Norris, the eldest sibling in the family, is a well-known skateboarder and professional surfer.

Relationship Status of Biggy Norris

Biggy Norris is still 12 years old, and it’s too soon to speculate on his dating or relationship status. He is currently working very hard to advance his career on YouTube and as an athlete.

As a result, he is not thinking about anything else. On the other hand, he is primarily concerned with improving his skills and collaborating effectively with the Family Youtube channel in order to advance his career.

When he reaches the age of 20 or older, he will meet the love of his life. Why? Because he is already successful and has a pleasant personality. As a result, he would not be unable to attract any girl.

Net Worth of Biggy Norris

Biggy Norris’ net worth is estimated to be $300,000 as of 2022. This enormous sum was primarily earned by him through his social media career.

In general, he is a member of the Norris Nuts family YouTube channel, which has a net worth of more than $21 million. This net worth is derived from a variety of sources. So he has his fair share of the Channel.

Aside from that, Biggy Norris has his own Instagram account, where a large number of people follow his content.

As a result, he makes a lot of money from there as well. Meanwhile, his athletic background contributes significantly to his substantial earnings.

Professional Career

Biggy Norris was born into a family full of famous and talented people. His father was a professional swimmer who competed in the Summer Olympics in 2000 and won a bronze medal for Australia.

Because of these factors, Biggy Norris does not have a difficult time becoming a well-known online personality. His father, who always encouraged his children to participate in sports, inspired him to become a skateboarder and surfer.

He is currently an official member of all of the Norris nuts family’s YouTube Channels based on various genres. As a result, he is making a sufficient amount of money from there. He also intends to become a professional surfer and skateboarder in order to represent Australia in the Olympics.

Height of Biggy Norris

Biggy Norris stands about 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 37 kilograms. His weight and height are normal for his age, and they will likely increase in the future.

Biggy Norris, on the other hand, is very serious about his diet plans. Biggy Norris wears size 4 shoes (US).

When it comes to his appearance, he has curly brown hair and blue eyes. Furthermore, the skin tone is white. As a result, his overall appearance is good and decent. Furthermore, his fashion sense is impressive.