What is Brandon Rowland Age? Bio, Height, Net Worth 2023

He is a well-known American Instagram celebrity and social media personality. Following in the footsteps of his elder brother Hunter Rowland, he became a social media sensation. Rowland is also well-known for his Tik Tok account.

Hunter Rowland is a social media celebrity who rose to fame on the live streaming website YouNow. Brandon Rowland has a sizable fan base on his social media accounts.

Age of Brandon Rowland

Brandon Rowland was born on September 4, 2002. Brandon Rowland was born in the United States of America, in the state of Arizona. He will be 19 years old in 2023. Brandon is the son of Christine Rowland (Mother) and has not revealed any information about his father. His mother, on the other hand, is a well-known model and entrepreneur.

Brandon Rowland grew up alongside his two brothers, Hunter and Ashton Rowland. He also has a half-sister named Alexa Gebhardt. His father is estranged from him and abandoned him when he was a child. Rowland obtained emancipation from his parents in 2019, making him a legal adult. Brandon is also friends with social media stars such as Cameron Dallas of Teen Vogue and others.

Hight of Brandon Rowland

Brandon Rowland’s real height is 5 feet 9 inches according to 2023 and his weight is around 68-70 kilograms. ¬†Rowland has dark brown hair color and eye color is blue.

Net Worth 2023 of Brandon Rowland

Rowland has become a social media sensation. Brandon Rowland has done an outstanding job throughout his career. Brandon has amassed an enormous fortune over the course of his career. Rowland’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Rowland obtained this funding through sponsorship, commercials, advertisements, and affiliate marketing.

Is Brandon Rowland dating anyone?

Brandon Rowland is currently unattached. He has not revealed anything about his previous or current relationship status. Brandon, on the other hand, has stated that when he finds the right sweetheart, he will treat her like a princess. According to some sources, he is supposed to be dating Abby Leigh in 2018, but nothing about their personal life has been confirmed.

Brandon Rowland’s career Line

Brandon appeared in his brother’s videos before starting his own Vine and YouNow accounts. One video of the two siblings dancing to synchronized choreography received over 12 million views, instantly making both of them famous, while his brother became a YouNow phenomenon.

Brandon also interacts with his YouNow and Snapchat followers, and he recently endorsed the company ‘Calvin Klein’ on his YouTube and Twitter pages. He quickly rose to prominence on Instagram. He is a professional dancer and actor who also plays the guitar and dances.

His TikTok videos, including solo ones and collaborations with Hunter, have recently gone viral. His material is skillful and one-of-a-kind, and it gives audiences a welcome break. He and his brother have traveled extensively together. For example, in 2016, he participated in both the ‘MagCon’ and the ‘VidCon’ tours. Brandon bonded with his followers on each of these trips, who had traveled from all over the world to see their social networking idol.

On October 1, 2014, he launched his self-titled YouTube channel. Brandon also started a YouTube vlog channel called ‘Brandon Rowland vlogs’ on October 9, 2016. He’s only shared two videos so far, but he tweeted about making it a daily occurrence in 2017.

Brandon Rowland appears in Hunter’s challenge and vlog posts, and he has collaborated with social media stars such as Nick Beans, Cameron Dallas, and his younger brother, Ashton. Furthermore, in March 2017, the three siblings embarked on a widely popular ‘TeamRowlandTower.Com’ tour, which included concerts and exclusive “meet and greet” sessions with a few guest stars, and they have more tours planning in the 2023.

Social Media

Rowland maintains a social media presence. He is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube channels. Brandon has over 2.2 million Instagram followers, 681k Instagram followers, 131k subscribers on his YouTube channel, 42.3k subscribers on his blog’s YouTube channel, and 2.7 million followers on his Tik Tok account.