Brettly Otterman’s Wife, Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Family, Bio

Brettly Otterman is a well-known American television personality. Brettly Otterman rose to prominence as a member of the Rick Restrotation Inc. team on the television show American Restorations.

Age of Brettly Otterman

Brettly Otterman was born on August 31, 1992, and is now 30 years old. Though his exact birthplace is unknown, he is a citizen of the United States and his zodiac sign is Virgo. When it comes to his family, his mother’s name is Kyle Dale, and his stepfather’s name is Rick Dale.

Brettly Otterman
Caption: Brettly Otterman (Sources: Twitter)

His stepfather is well-known as the King of Rick Restoration and a reality show personality. Furthermore, his stepfather owns an antique restoration shop. Likewise, he has a brother named Tyler.

Professional Career

Brettly Otterman works as a television personality. In addition, this individual is the Sales Director of Rick Restrotation Inc., which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the show American Restoration, this TV personality provides comic relief.

Otterman is also known as the village idiot. It’s because Otterman was always engaging in undesirable activities and performing a variety of tasks. Furthermore, he always clears his mind, asks a lot of questions, and is concerned about his work. Brettly has risen to the throne of Restoration as a result of this habit.

Similarly, his stepfather Rick Dale introduced Brettly to the show American Restoration. This individual is currently the sales director of Rick Restoration. Furthermore, this young man has established his own company, Clean Works Blasting, in Las Vegas.

Endorsements for Brands

Brettly Otterman may or may not have worked with brands and companies on product advertising. It is difficult to determine which companies and brands Otterman has previously collaborated with for this purpose. It is due to a lack of updates in recent years via social media or other means.

Net Worth of Brettly Otterman

Moving on, Brettly Otterman has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million US dollars. Otterman works hard and concentrates on his work, and as a result, he has earned a good living from the first spin-off of the popular TV show Pawn Stars. Later, he appeared in shows with Danny ‘The Count’ Koker and his Counting Cars.

Married Life of Brettly Otterman

Brettly Otterman is a happily married young man. Steph is the name of his wife. Together, Brettly and Otterman have three children. There are no other details about when and where they met, when they married, or when they welcomed their three children.

Height of Brettly Otterman

Brettly Otterman stands approximately 181 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs approximately 75 kgs. Otterman, too, has blonde hair and blue eyes. Similarly, Otterman has numerous tattoos covering his entire body.

Social Media

Brettly Otterman is present on several social media platforms. Brettly updates his followers on his business via his social media profiles. Furthermore, he actively promotes Rick Restoration on his social media profiles.

In addition, he joined Twitter in September 2012 and currently has over 8k followers on his @brettlyotterman account. He doesn’t appear to have his own Instagram account. He does, however, appear on his parents’ Instagram account @kellyandrickdale, which has over 16.1K followers as of September 2022. He also appears on the “Ricks Restorations” Facebook page, which has over 534.3k followers.