Brice Rivera Age, Height, Birthday, Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend

Brice Rivera, the elder brother of Lexi Rivera and Brent Rivera, is a handsome and talented Instagram Star. To put it another way, his siblings are successful in the social media industry.

Brent Rivera was the first to take a step into the social media industry. Following that, Brice Rivera, an elder, gives it a shot. However, he chose to begin his social media journey on Instagram, where he has amassed a sizable following.

Following his younger brother, Brent gave him the idea of spreading entertainment. However, he still has a lot to accomplish in the future because he is just getting started.

Aside from that, he collaborated with top YouTube Star David Lopez on a Vine titled “When you drop a Christmas Ornament.” The video received a massive amount of views.

Age of Brice Rivera

Brice Rivera is now 28 years old. He was born in Huntington Beach, California on March 14, 1994. Brice’s zodiac sign is Pisces. However, his educational background indicates that he has recently graduated.

Brice is from a Christian family and is of white ethnicity and American nationality.

Brice Rivera’s mother’s name is Laura Marie Paternoster, and she works as a teacher. His father’s name is John Rivera, and he works as a firefighter. He is the family’s eldest sibling, with two younger brothers, Blake and Brent Rivera, and one younger sister, Lexi Rivera.

Except for Blake, they are all top-tier Social Media Stars. He is an excellent hockey player who has represented his university on numerous occasions. He has also won several trophies for his outstanding hockey techniques and skills.

Brice Rivera’s Girlfriend and Relationship Status

Brice Rivera has an impactful and appealing personality, as well as an outstanding Instagram career that appears to be growing in the future. Regardless, he hasn’t seen anyone dating.

He may have responsibilities on his shoulders in order to advance in his professional life. Otherwise, he may not want to be in any relationship. As a result, he is currently completely single.

Brice Rivera’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Brice Rivera’s net worth is estimated to be between $0.5 and $1 million. He has specifically earned this enormous sum as a result of his social media popularity.

In other words, he charges a lot of money for posting things on his accounts. Meanwhile, he has some investments in the stock market and other ventures that generate a good income for him each year.

Aside from that, his social media account has grown significantly in recent months. As a result, we can predict that the net worth will rise in the future.

Professional Career

Brice Rivera used to prioritize his studies before becoming famous on Instagram. As a result, he graduated with honors. However, the inspiration for starting a social media career comes from watching his younger brother Brent Rivera’s progress on his self-titled YouTube channel.

As a result, we can say that his younger brother was a major motivator for him to enter the social media industry.

Before joining Instagram, he appeared in his younger brother’s YouTube videos, which made his public appearance more common. That is the primary reason he has amassed nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram.

He used the Vine platform in addition to Instagram and shared many videos there. Unfortunately, the platform no longer exists, but he had over 100,000 followers there.

Aside from that, he has a self-titled YouTube channel where he used to post about his personal life. He currently has over 37,000 followers there.

He is currently working hard to increase his social media following in order to get better opportunities in the future to increase his net worth and status in the online world.

Height of Brice Rivera

Brice Rivera’s height is approximately 5 feet 1 inch, which is less than the ideal height for a male. His beautiful dressing sense and impeccable personality, on the other hand, complement his height.

Aside from that, he has black hair and dark brown eyes, making his appearance stand out in public and on the internet.