Brittany Favre Age, Husband, Net Worth 2023, Bio

Brittany Favre is the celebrity child of National Football League (NFL) quarterback Bret Favre, who played for the Green Bay Packers. She is a philanthropist and a lawyer specializing in sports and entertainment law.

Age of Brittany Favre

Brittany Favre was born on February 6, 1989, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA. Her father, Brett Lorenzo Favre, and mother, Deanna Tyes Favre, gave birth to her. Brittany is 33 years old now.

Her sister is her only sibling. Her astrological sign is Aquarius. She is of American nationality. She is of white ethnicity.

Brett Favre, her father, was an NFL quarterback. He has spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers. He also spent time with the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and Atlanta Falcons.

Brett and Deanna married in 1996. Since then, the couple has been living together. The couple set the idol goal, but the family was hit by an unfortunate event in 2004.

Brett was on the verge of losing his wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family couldn’t bear the pain, but Deanna beat the disease and regained her life after a year of chemotherapy.

This event inspired Deanna to establish the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which was later merged with her husband to form the Favre4Hope charitable foundation.


She enrolled in the local high school and finished her high school education there. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi after high school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She then decided to become a lawyer. As a result, she enrolled in Loyola University’s College of Law.

Her college experience was not enjoyable. She struggled to focus during her first year of college, but that all changed when she became pregnant at the age of 21. So she resolved to make her child proud of her by working hard to obtain the degree. In 2015, she graduated from there.

Height of Brittany Favre

Her height has not yet been revealed, but she is expected to be of average stature. She has a slim, curvy body that complements her blonde hair perfectly.

She has stunning blue eyes. She has a lovely smile. She has not given the media her body weight, height, or measurements.

The son of Brittany Favre

On April 2, 2010, she gave birth to her first son, Parker, at the age of 21. Parker’s father is Patrick Valkenburg, whom Brittany Favre married in college and divorced after a year of marriage in 2011. She and her current husband, Alex Million, have another son named AJ.

She met Alex after being alone for five months. In an interview, she stated that she was depressed, and Alex gave her hope. Alex encouraged her and did not allow her to drop out of her first year.

She currently resides with her husband Alex and two sons. They are a happy family that avoids the media and the general public.

Net Worth of Brittany Favre

Brittany Favre is now employed by a law firm, and the money she earns from the firm is her primary source of income. She also played herself in a football documentary.

She works hard and goes out of her way to provide her child with luxury and happiness. Her net worth exceeds $300,000 and is expected to rise in the near future. Meanwhile, her father is worth $100 million.

Social Media

Brittany Favre dislikes being the center of attention, so she hasn’t set up any social media accounts. Instead, she leads a normal life away from the spotlight.

Informal Knowledge

Brittany Favre enjoys watching films. Her favorite film is the Harry Potter franchise, and she owns all of the Harry Potter books. She also enjoys keeping a low profile and traveling.