BrookeAB Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Siblings, Bio

BrookeAB is a well-known video gaming personality who rose to prominence thanks to her BrookeAB Twitch channel. Her fans enjoy watching her live Fortnite and 100 Thieves streaming. The rising streamer is also well-known for his friendship with another streamer, Mason Lanier, alias Symfuhny.

Age of BrookeAB

The Twitch streamer is 24 years old right now. Her date of birth is March 15, 1998. She is from the United States state of Alabama. As a child, the American streamer became interested in video games after watching her older sister play.

Many streamers use a different name for online protection. Brooke is the same way; on social media, she goes by the handle BrookeAB, but her real name is Ashley Bond. She signs her name with her initials as the last part of her name online.


The streamer earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology from Western Oregon University. Her motivation for enrolling in that course was to work with criminally ill people.

BrookeAB’s Streaming Career

The well-known streamer launched her Twitch channel on April 15, 2018. She began frequently blogging on the channel in July of that year. She began to build a decent Twitch following as a result of her exceptional gaming abilities and back-to-back victories.

Brooke purchased items from Corrina Kopf and then posted a photograph online. Corrina then messaged her, inviting her to join her on Twitch.

The player eventually became a member of Corrina’s streaming team. Among those on that squad were streamers Tfue and Symfuhny. Her participation in other streams broadened her audience.

Being kind-hearted and open-minded is advantageous because one never knows when an opportunity will knock. Brooke’s posting of the item and willingness to play with Corrina in this situation helped her gain fame and even meet her current boyfriend. In 2019, the gaming guru joined the gaming club 100 Thieves. She became the group’s second female member and relocated to Los Angeles.

Brooke AB was the unfortunate victim of cyberbullying and stalking in 2020. She even took a month off from streaming, explaining her absence to fans.

Broomonth detailed the terrifying incident in a lengthy essay, despite the fact that she couldn’t go into detail for legal reasons. The harassment had been ongoing for several months.

The gaming celebrity assured her fans that those responsible would face consequences. She also mentioned that she was working on a program to help others who were going through a similar ordeal. Brooke is a Twitch streamer who specializes in the survival mode of Fortnite Battle Royale. Marbles on Streams, Portal, and Super Seduce are also favorites of hers. Her YouTube channel hosts her gaming videos.

The gaming celebrity’s video library now includes a painting. She intends to include both garment sewing and beauty tutorials. In the future, she hopes to launch her gamer apparel and cosmetics brand.

Boyfriend of BrookeAB

Mason Lanier, also known as Symfuhny, a fellow streamer, is dating the video game sensation. Their relationship began when they began Twitch broadcasting together.

Brooke Symfuhny and her boyfriend first met in person on July 27, 2019, and Brooke documented the event by posting a photo of the two of them on her Instagram account. The couple appears to be in love, as they continue to post photos of themselves together with messages declaring their love for one another.

BrookeAB is a wonderful young lady. She has consistently pursued her strengths and has gone to great lengths to achieve her objectives.

Net Worth of BrookeAB

Brooke’s estimated net worth is $100,000. Her earnings are derived from her work as a Twitch and 100 Thieves streamer, as well as promotional posts on her social media accounts.

Social Media

The video game star currently has over 1 million followers on her Twitch channel. Her Instagram handle (@brookeabb) has nearly 974k followers. She also has over 616k followers on Twitter and 329k subscribers on YouTube. BrookeAB is a wonderful young lady. She has consistently pursued her strengths and has gone to great lengths to achieve her objectives.