Charles Donald Fegert’s Death Cause and Biography

Former Sun-Times advertising chief Charles Donald Fegert was well-known for being the second husband of Barbara jean Morehead, popularly known as Barbara Eden, an American actress, singer, and producer. Barbara is best known for her role as “Jeannie” in “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Early Life of Charles Donald Fegert

Charles Donald Fegert was born in Chicago to a steelworker father in 1930. More information about his parents has been revealed because he never mentioned their names.

Forget was raised in a middle-class family with a steelworker father and an unknown mother. Donald Fegert grew up on the South Side.

Charles Donald Fegert’s Death Cause

Charles Donald Fegert was a hardworking and enjoyable individual. He was a tall man with a medium build. He was of good age and died peacefully in his sleep in 2002 in Chicago. He was well-liked for his personality as a father of three and grandfather to his grandchildren.

We can tell from his early photos that he had blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He always kept his beard neatly trimmed.


Charles Donald Fegert had a good education. In his hometown of Chicago, he attended South Shore High School. He later earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Loyola University in Chicago.

Professional Career

Charles Donald Fegert was raised in a middle-class family by his steelworker father. He briefly worked in the mills and served in the Coast Guard. Fegert began working as an ad salesman for the Sun-Times after receiving his degree in 1955.

Fegert’s work was highly praised by the company, and he began working for the Daily News in 1969. During those years, he advanced from salesman to store advertising, retail advertising, and Sun-Times advertising manager.

Fegert joined the Daily News as vice president of advertising and marketing in 1972. He was regarded as a good president despite his position as vice president of the newspaper division. Unlike others who give orders to subordinates, Fegert was constantly teaching his coworkers and subordinates how to complete their tasks.

Fegert, for example, used to be with his sales team and show them how to sell. Phil Moses, a friend of his, described his work as “management by charisma.”

Fegert’s work influenced charity events in addition to his roles as a sales manager and vice president. The company praised his managerial abilities in a variety of areas. He used to be involved in a variety of sales jobs, including oil wells, disco clubs, and restaurants, and he was always a great salesperson.

Relationship Status

In his life, Charles Donald Fegert was married and divorced three times. There is no information about his first wife, but Fegert fell in love again after his first failed marriage.

He married Trish Althaus, a young model, at North Shore Baptist Church in Kraft Chapel. The couple had two children, but his second marriage also ended in the 1970s.

In 1974, Charles Donald Fegert fell in love with Barbara Eden, a well-known American actress, and singer. Barbara divorced her first husband, American stage and screen actor Michael George Ansara. After dating for three years, the couple married on September 3rd, 1977.

There has been no information about their joint children. After 5 years of marriage, the couple began living apart in March 1982 and divorced in 1983. He remained single after his third marriage ended. Before his death, he was the father of two sons, Michael and Chip, Lisa Fegert, and seven grandchildren.

Net Worth of Charles Donald Fegert

Charles Donald Fegert was a wealthy individual. Although his net worth has not yet been made public, we can say that as an advertising vice president of two large corporations, he earned a lot of money throughout his career.

In terms of his lifestyle, he had spent his entire life as a hardworking salesperson.

Social Media

Charles Donald Fegert, despite being a social media personality, was never active on social media. During his prime, there was no such age as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. As a result, at the end of his life, he had no social media or public presence.