Cherry Wallis Age, Net Worth 2023, Boyfriend, Bio

Cherry Wallis is a well-known British YouTube personality known for her self-titled YouTube channel’s comedy sketches as well as beauty and lifestyle videos.

Cherry was also named UK Favorite Breakthrough Blogger at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2016.

Age of Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis was born on April 15, 1990. She was born in the English city of Birmingham. Wallis will be 32 years old in 2022. Cherry, unfortunately, has not published her parents’ information until now. As a result, no further information about her childhood is available.

Cherry grew up alongside his older brother Ben. Concerning her educational background, she graduated from a reputable local high school, attended Birmingham City University, and earned a bachelor’s degree in art and design.

Boyfriend of Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis is currently in a relationship with another YouTuber, Pete Sowerby. They’ve been dating for two years and are still together. They usually uploaded a photo to their social media account.

There is no additional information about her previous relationships. She has kept a low profile and has never been involved in rumors or controversies.

Net Worth of Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis is a popular YouTuber. Her career has provided her with an enormous amount of wealth. She has so far uploaded 574 videos and has 682k subscribers with 52.6 million views.

Cherry’s net worth is estimated to be around $140,000 as a result of her YouTube channel. She supplements her income with merchandise, promotion, campaigns, brand endorsement, collaboration, and so on.

Professional Career

Cherry Wallis began her career by participating in social media. On June 8, 2009, she joined the YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel was previously known as MsCherryGoesPop. After two years, she started posting videos. Her first video, “The Truth About Girls,” was uploaded on August 5, 2011, and has received over 38,435 views.

Following that, she began posting videos related to entertainment content on her channel. She also posts blogs, beauty videos, wizarding world fandom videos, comedy sketches, hauls, and advice videos.

Cherry Wallis also publishes YouTube series such as Harry Porter, Travel blogs, Monthly Favorites, Warner Bros Studio Tour London, Wizarding World Subscription Boxes, My Magical Kitchen, and others.

“Trying American Candy| Cherry Wallis,” which was published on February 21, 2015, has received over 2.6 million views on YouTube. Coke and milk, Fantastic Beast’s case unboxing, Real vs. Fake Harry Potter replicas from the wish, and other videos by Wallis are noteworthy.

Cherry Wallis also has a secondary YouTube channel called “More Cherry,” which she started on January 28, 2013. She typically posts videos of bloopers and the occasional song cover. Cherry has only recently uploaded three videos to her secondary channel. Nonetheless, she has more than 13.1k subscribers.

Wallis is also a performer. She also debuted her first single, “Hero,” in December 2013. Wallis’ song reached the top of the iTunes 50 Rock Charts. Cherry has also expressed a desire to publish more music in the future. Cherry also appeared in the 2016 film The Darkest Dawn, directed by Drew Casson and starring Bethan Leadley, Jess Cleverly, and Sarah Perugia.

Harry Potter and Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis has uploaded videos about Harry Potter movies such as Putting myself into Harry Potter scenes| Part I, Cherry Wallis- Harry Potter Bookshelf tour 2020, I bought care from Harry Potter, Let’s play the first Harry Potter game, I bought 12 Harry Potter Magical Capsules, My secret Harry Potter collections, and many more that have received millions of views.

Cherry’s Products

Cherry Wallis has his wares. She usually sells her own designs for wizards and witches. Cherry also sells Jackets, Cardigans, T-Shirts, Stationery, gifts, mugs, stickers, hoodies, sweatshirts, Trowel, Backpack, Caps, Notebooks, Hats, Gloves, candles, and other accessories.

Social Media

Cherry Wallis has a social media account. She maintains social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a YouTube channel.

Cherry has 94.7k followers on Twitter, 11.6k followers on Facebook, 110k followers on Instagram, 817k subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, and 12.6k subscribers on her secondary channel, More Cherry.