Coco Quinn Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Siblings

Coco Rochelle Quinn, better known as Coco Quinn, is a talented and beautiful teenage dancer who has become famous all over the world for her outrageous dancing abilities. Since the age of two, the young girl has been practicing her dancing moves. She began dancing with her sisters at a local training facility.

Coco Quinn’s one-of-a-kind dancing abilities enabled her to compete in the market. Her consistent hard work and dedication to dancing enabled her to perform on some of the most prestigious platforms. Coco Dancing Skills, for example, pushed her to play the character Katie in the popular brat series Chicken Girls and Mani. She has also competed in the Mini elite competition as a member of Molly’s Monster.

Coco is an enthusiastic and talented singer in addition to dancing. She even released her debut single son in 2020, which received a lot of attention and positive feedback. Furthermore, she becomes an official member of the influencer group GoatFamLA.

Coco Quinn becomes friends with Walker Bryant, Sophie Fergi, Gavin Magnus, Blake Manning, and many more as a result of her immense popularity.

Age of Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn was born in Los Angeles, California on June 7, 2008 (age 13 as of 2022). Her astrological sign is Gemini. She completed her education in California, and it is unknown whether she will continue her studies because she has already established herself as a notable teenage personality with a flourishing dancing career.

Coco Quinn
Caption: Coco Quinn (Sources: Instagram)

Quinn, Coco Jeannie Quinn is her mother’s name, and Mr. Quinn is her father’s. Her mother is a housewife and a dancer by trade.

Coco Quinn has three older siblings, two of whom are sisters, Kayle Quinn and Rihanna. Tyler Quinn is the eldest brother. Her older sisters are also enthusiastic dancers who have performed with Coco on a variety of notable platforms.

Height of Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn is 4 feet and 10 inches tall, which is ideal for her height. She is only 13 years old, so her height attributes are normal at this age, as she may grow taller in the future.

Coco Quinn’s weight is approximately 45 kg, and her body measurements are 36-28-34 inches, including 4 (US) shoe sizes. Coco Quinn has light brown eyes and blonde hair. Furthermore, her skin tone is white.

Net Worth of Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn’s net worth is estimated to be $0.6 million as of 2022. This substantial sum was primarily earned from her dancing career. In general, she has worked as an ambassador and dancer for several brands and services, earning her a lot of money.

She is also a member of a well-known influencer group, which has provided her with numerous opportunities to earn money.

Coco Quinn
Caption: Coco Quinn (Sources: Instagram)

Aside from that, she has competed in several dancing competitions, which is also her primary source of income. Finally, she only began her singing career by releasing her first debut song. As a result, it is expected that she will become a top-tier singer in the future, increasing her net worth.

Professional Career

Coco Quinn began her dancing career at the age of two by participating in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Her elder sisters, on the other hand, are the ones she idolizes and looks up to as she begins her career.

As a result, her current level of dancing is a result of her elder sister’s hard work and dedication to her training.

Coco Quinn
Caption: Coco Quinn (Sources: Instagram)

She had a long journey because she had to balance her studies and her dancing career. She finally made it when she first performed as a member of Molly’s Monsters for a mini-elite competition. Many people witnessed her dancing abilities and admired her performance throughout the competition.

She also had the opportunity to play Katie in the brat series Chicken Girls and Mani. She is now making her mark in the music industry after releasing her first debut song, which went viral and received positive feedback.

Coco Quinn’s Boyfriend

Coco Quinn is only 13 years old, so she has a long way to go before she can commit adultery. Her dating life is then discussed, and we can reveal that she has dated Gavin Magnus.

Gavin is a well-known Pop Singer and actor, having appeared on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and numerous other platforms. They break up in early 2021 after a one-year relationship.