What is the Age of David Alexis? Wife, Net Worth 2022, Height, Bio

David Alexis is a well-known singer and songwriter. Every love story is excellent and beautiful in and of itself, but some love stories leave you saying, “Wow.” As a result, Alexis, a Songwriter, also has a love story that spans nearly three decades.

He married famous actress Madchen Amick in 1992 and cherishes their love life to this day. Despite the fact that everyone knows she is hot and beautiful.

Early Life of David Alexis

David Alexis is a native of the United States of America. He always has his birthday on May 4th. Taurus is his astrological sign. His own parents are unknown, but his father-in-law is Bill Mick and his mother-in-law is Judy Mick. His siblings are also still a mystery.

David is of African-American ethnicity and holds the nationality of America.

David Alexis’ Net Worth

He is a songwriter, musician, and singer by trade. As a result of his career, he has amassed a sizable fortune. However, his exact net worth and salary are being investigated.

David has a net worth of $1 million and an annual income of around $400,000. His wife is a well-known actress. Her net worth, however, is estimated to be around $3 million.

David Alexis Married Life with Actress Wife Amick

David Alexis is the loving husband of Madchen Amick. The lovely couple married on December 16, 1992, and have been together ever since, with no reports of a breakup.

Furthermore, at the age of 19, she continues to learn music, and Alexis becomes her trainer, which is when the spark ignites.

The lovely couple began dating in 1987 and married in 1992. The lovely couple welcomed their first child, a son, Sylvester Alexis, on 5 July 1992, followed by a daughter, Mina Tobias, on 2 September 1993. His daughter is also a singer, and her first single, Freedom, was released in 2015.

Professional Career

In terms of his career, it is commonly stated that every successful man has a woman behind him. In his case, however, it appears to be the inverse.

Not only is David Alexis not successful, but his wife appears to overshadow him when it comes to business. His occupation is that of a singer, musician, producer, and songwriter.

Madchen Amick’s husband is also a personal trainer and occasionally assists Amick in staying fit. David’s wife is a well-known actress in both the television and film industries.

Amick played Shelly in Twin Peaks and has also appeared in Sleepwalkers and Love, Cheat, and Steal. Her primary occupation is also that of a model.

The girl pursues her art by playing the piano and violin and taking ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance classes.

She begins her acting career at the age of sixteen. She appeared in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the 1991 film The Borrower.

Shelly Johnson, who played the waiter in David Lynch’s enigmatic series Twin Peaks, gave the artist his first taste of fame. She portrayed Tanya Robertson in the horror film Sleepwalkers, based on Stephen King’s work, in 1992.

Height of David Alexis

He is of average height and has a fit body. His hair is black, and he has black eyes.