Deven Hubbard Height, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Daughter, Bio

Deven Hubbard was recognized as a basketball player who is also a social media personality with large followings on Instagram and Only Fans.

Age of Deven Hubbard

Deven Hubbard was born on March 31, 1998, in the city of Georgia, United States; he is an American nationality with the astrological sign of Aries. Deven was raised in Georgia by his single mother and grandmother, along with his younger brother.

Deven was a baby when his father abandoned the family. Little is known about Deven’s life before his current ascension to stardom due to his lack of disclosure about his family and early years.


Deven Hubbard participated in sports while attending Pebblebrook High School, where he played basketball and tennis. Scholarships were offered to Deven by Princeton College and Columbia University, but he chose to play in the EuroLeague instead.

Professional Career

Deven Hubbard initially played basketball for the college he attended, and he was expected to continue playing college basketball after graduation until he was drafted by the National Basketball League (NBA).

He chose to take a different path and play in the EuroLeague. In recent years, a number of top NBA players have emerged from this league.

The EuroLeague is the top-tier European professional basketball league. This tournament replaced the FIBA European Champions Cup, which FIBA had hosted since the 1950s.

Deven is a fashion enthusiast who stays up to date on the latest fashion trends. He works in a mode in addition to basketball. He has a sizable female fan base who regard him as one of the best basketball players in the world.

He has modeled for several well-known clothing lines, including Filthy Wealth Atlanta, and most recently for Nike.

Net Worth of Deven Hubbard

Basketball player Deven Hubbard is well-known. He is also a model who has worked with companies such as Bike. According to multiple sources, his net worth is around $2 million.

Girlfriend of Deven Hubbard

Deven Hubbard met his girlfriend, Gabrielle Kimbel while attending Pebblebrook High School in 2013. It took Deven a year to convince her to date him, and they began dating in 2014.

After more than eight years together, the couple is still going strong. Gabrielle’s entire pregnancy can be seen on Deven’s Instagram profile, where he frequently posted her photos.

Deven is also the father of a two-year-old daughter. Eva is her name, and we frequently see her photos and videos on Deven’s Instagram.

Height of Deven Hubbard

Deven Hubbard is 6 feet (1.82m) tall and weighs approximately 165 pounds. Likewise, he has short blonde hair and brown eyes. His hair is curly, and he has a dark complexion.

Social Media

Deven Hubbard leveraged his basketball attention to create a powerful internet identity. He has more than 333k followers on Instagram.

He also created a profile on the social media platform OnlyFans, which allows content producers to run a subscription-based business to deliver unique content and cultivate relationships with their followers or clients.

He also has a Twitter account where he posts pictures and some of his daily reflections. Despite having over 700 followers, it hasn’t posted anything since 2017.