DraconiteDragon Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

DraconiteDragon is a well-known Canadian YouTube Star and Tech Enthusiast best known for posting Roblox and Minecraft gaming videos on his own YouTube channel. Allen is his real name.

On June 16, 2013, he launched his YouTube career by posting his first video, “Candi Speed Art,” on his self-titled channel, which has grown to 1.34 million followers and over 77 million lifetime views. “HIDING IN ROBLOX!” is his most popular video. WILL ANYONE ASSIST ME?!?” has 10 million views.

He is also a co-creator of the YouTube channel “KREW” with his siblings, where he uploads gaming-related content. The channel has nearly 1 million subscribers and has received over 11 million views. Aside from that, he has 281k followers on Instagram and 174.8k followers on Twitter.

He and his siblings run the merchandise “KREW District,” which sells Clothes, Teddy, Sweat (candy), and other accessories.

Age of DraconiteDragon

In 2022, DraconiteDragon will be 24 years old. On the 12th of May, 1998, he was born in Canada. He is a Christian with Canadian citizenship and the astrological sign Taurus.

As of now, no information about DraconiteDragon’s parents can be found on the internet. PaintingRainbows (Betty), ItsFunneh, GoldenGlare (Kim), and LunarEclipse are his four elder sisters (Wenny). His sisters are all YouTube Stars by trade.

DraconiteDragon is successful and has a daring and cool personality. Despite this, he has never been in the news for being in a relationship with anyone from the YouTube industry or an outsider. It’s possible that he’s not interested in starting a relationship right now.

Height of DraconiteDragon

Dragon stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 53 kg. He has lovely blonde hair and brown eyes.

Professional Career

DraconiteDragong is a member of the family of well-known YouTube stars who create gaming content. As a result, he is the one who completed his studies through high school before abandoning the idea of education and launching the gaming channel in the footsteps of his sibling.

In 2011, he officially launched DraconiteDragon, a gaming channel. That is why the majority of people do not address him by his given name.

DraconiteDragon’s initial breakthrough was not difficult because he already had the opportunity thanks to the support of her sibling’s sister. Within a short period of time, he amassed a sizable following.

He collaborated with the other siblings on the Family YouTube Channel after becoming famous on his personal YouTube channel. Yes, we’re talking about The Krew channel, which also helped him gain a lot of popularity and the opportunity to make more money.

Aside from the gaming industry, DraconiteDragon is well-known for his interest in virtual reality. Yes, he is a tech enthusiast who frequently discusses it in his videos. So there are strong indications that he will participate in this aspect of his life as well.

Net Worth of DraconiteDragon

DraconiteDragong’s net worth is approximately $0.5 million as of [dob years], primarily from YouTube and KREW District merchandise.