What is Elise Laurenne Age? Bio, Height, Net Worth 2023

Elise Laurenne is a well-known Canadian model, social media influencer, cosplayer, gamer, live streamer, and news anchor. Elise’s cosplay sessions have earned her friends and followers, and she has brought to life popular gaming and movie characters. In addition, Elise is a model who has posted provocative photos and A-rated modeling on her social media accounts.

Elise Laurenne’s age?

Elise Laurenne was born in Toronto, Canada on April 2, 1996. Elise hasn’t revealed anything about her father or mother, or what her parents did for a job. Elise is the only child of her parents and has no siblings. Elise Laurenne, who appears to be in her adolescence, is actually 27 years old as of 2023.

Elise is of white ethnic origin. She is self-assured, courageous, determined, focused, passionate, persistent, and hardworking, with an Aries personality. Elise was born in Canada and holds Canadian nationality. Elise has not disclosed any information about her religion.

Regarding Elise Laurenne’s educational level and qualifications, Elise has not disclosed any information about her educational level or subject of study. However, based on her age, Elise may be a university graduate unless she drops out or quits her studies to pursue her passion.

Elise Laurenne is now dating?

Brandon Gilbert was Elise Laurenne’s relationship. However, Elise and Brandon were unable to reconcile and divorced. There is currently no information available about Elise’s relationship. Elise may be single and not dating anyone at the time, and she may be focused on her career and future.

Elise Laurenne’s Net Worth

Elise Laurenne, who is only 27 years old, has acquired enormous recognition and fame in her career. Elise’s net worth is believed to be USD 1.5 million.

Height of Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 50kg. Elise’s body dimensions are 34-25-31 inches, with 34 inches being her chest, 25 inches being her waist, and 31 inches being her hips. Elise’s hair is dark brown, and her eyes are blue.

Elise also has numerous tattoos on her body, including a half-sleeve tattoo of a mandala, an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol, on her left arm. Elise has nipple piercings as well. The belly button and the septum.

Elise Laurenne’s career Line

Elise Laurenne’s interest in cosplay began when she was five years old and attended a costume party thrown by a kindergarten classmate. Elise also began watching cartoons and superhero movies, which fueled her interest in cosplay.

Elise had her first formal cosplay appearance when she was 12 years old, dressed as Elfen Lied, a character from Japanese manga. Elise is also a fitness model who has done nude photography and has not been afraid to show off her stunning figure. She has been a model for a few years.

Elise also served as a part-time anchor at “Naked News,” an online show launched in 1999 in Toronto by Kirby Stasyna and Fernando Pereira that had an all-female cast, and everyone was naked.

The goal of this presentation was to promote the beauty of the female body and to foster a positive attitude toward nudity. Elise also collaborated with Bruce Colero on “Naked in Streets,” a special part of “Naked News” that became a show mainstay.

Elise has also cosplayed as many Marvel characters as possible, including Carnage from “Spiderman,” Night Elf from “World of Warcraft,” Melisandre from “Game of Thrones,” and many more.

Elise has also modeled for “Suicide Girls,” a popular website focused on mild erotica and alternative modeling. “Ellie Suicide” is the name of Elise Suicide’s daughter.

Social Media

Elise Laurenne is quite active on social media, and she has 304k followers and 24 posts on Instagram under the moniker @elaurenne as of March 2022.