Evan Joseph Asher Net Worth 2023, Age and Birthday, Parents

Evan Joseph Asher is well-known for his status as a celebrity child. He is the son of a well-known activist, model, actor, television host, author, and screenwriter. McCarthy and John Mallory Asher have a son named Evan.

Jenny McCarthy is a well-known American actress. She is also well-known for her work as a screenwriter, television host, model, and author. McCarthy began her modeling career in 1993 as a Playboy model. As a writer and director, John Mallory Asher is well-known. He is also a fantastic actor and cinematographer.

Early Life of Evan Joseph Asher

He was born on May 18, 2002. He was born in the American city of Los Angeles, California. He is 20 years old in 2023. Evan is the son of Father John Mallory Asher and Mother Jenny McCarthy (Mother). HisEvan Joseph Asher’s parents are both in the entertainment industry.

Evan Joseph Asher grew up with stepbrothers Elijah Wahlberg and Xavier Wahlberg. Evan’s life will be filled with ups and downs. In 2004, he displayed early signs of autism. He had his first seizure when he was only two years old. His parents then summoned a team of paramedics, who diagnosed him with epilepsy, but this aggravated his condition.

Evan Joseph Asher began having seizures more frequently, so he was referred to a neurologist at UCLA in 2005, where The Autism Evaluation Clinic diagnosed him with autism. Following that, the State of California confirmed his situation.

Net Worth 2023 of Evan Joseph Asher

Evan Joseph Asher is a celebrity child. Evan rose to prominence as a result of his parents. Evan is completely reliant on his parents. Evan has recently launched his YouTube channel. His mother’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Professional Career

Evan Joseph Asher is too young to work in a specific field. He is more concerned with his studies than with his job. Evan is completely reliant on his parents for all of his needs. Asher enjoys watching movies. Joseph began swimming when he was just over two years old, and by three, he was a proficient swimmer. He is currently living with his mother and stepfather, Donnie.

When it comes to making friends, Evan Joseph Asher is no different than any other child. Asher has a large group of friends in Chicago whom he refers to as “The Goonies.” His social interaction aided his development. Evan demonstrated his decision-making abilities in 2013, which delighted his mother. Unfortunately, his mothers were a cast member of The View and had to remain in New York.

Asher made the firm decision to return to Chicago and spend time with his girlfriends. He later relocated to New York. However, his behavior remained consistent, which was a sure sign of progress. Evan has also launched Gaming USA, a collaborative YouTube channel.

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Jenny McCarthy was the hоt of ‘V’ ‘nglеd ut’ frоm 1995 to 1997. He has also appeared on thе tеlеvоn еrе ‘Wng,’ ‘ауwаtсh,’ as well as ‘hе g rеаkfаt.’ Jenny wа ееn n ‘hе еnnу саrthу hоw’ n 1997. He appeared as the main character in ‘ennу’ the same year.

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She made her film debut in 1995. In 1996, he appeared in the film ‘hе tuрd.’ He was followed by an appearance in ‘kеtbаll.’ Jenny starred in the film ‘Crеаm 3’ in 2000. Other movie creators include ‘Dаmоnd,’ ‘rаzу Lttlе hang,’ and ‘rаzу Lttlе hang.’ ‘Dirty Lоvе,’ ‘оhn uсkеr uсkеr uсkеr uсkеr uсkеr uсkеr uсkеr uс ‘Wіеnеrѕ,’ ‘ооkеn,’ and ‘urtlе’ аlе: аmmу’ dvеnturе.’

Social Media

Evan Joseph Asher maintains a social media presence. Evan Joseph Asher is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Evan’s Instagram account has 45.9k followers, his YouTube channel has 2.34k subscribers, and his Twitter account has 108 followers.