Everleigh Soutas Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth

Everleigh Soutas is a beautiful and talented social media star who is well-known throughout the world. She began her journey with an Instagram account in which she portrays herself as a fashionista. She has millions of followers on her Instagram account at such a young age, which very few people have achieved. All of this, however, is made possible by her mother’s celebrity, who is also a well-known YouTube star. Everleigh’s account is also managed by her mother.

Everleigh is also active on the Tiktok Platform, where she has a large number of followers. This account is managed by her best friend, Ava Foley. They create an interesting type of content that viewers enjoy. She was also a regular on the Family YouTube channel, which has millions of followers.

Age of Everleigh Soutas

Everleigh Rose Soutas will be 9 years old in 2022. On December 14, 2012, she was born in California. Everleigh’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. When it comes to her education, she attends a local California school.

Everleigh Soutas’ mother is Savannah LeBrant, and her father is Tommy Smith. When she was younger, her parents divorced. Her mother is a well-known YouTube celebrity with millions of followers.

Her father, on the other hand, works for Inter-sky, an engineering and construction company. Her mother married Cole Labrant, a well-known social media star, in July 2017.

Everleigh has two younger siblings, including a half-sister Posie and a half-brother Zealand. Both are from her mother’s second husband, Cole Labrant.

They all, however, have a strong bond and live happily ever after. The younger siblings have also appeared on the family’s YouTube channel and have become well-known around the world.

Net Worth of Everleigh Soutas

As of 2022, Everleigh’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This enormous sum was primarily earned from her social media career. Everleigh began her online career with an Instagram account where she posts various types of content.

She has over 5 million active followers on the platform. As a result, she typically earns money by promoting various brands and services.

Aside from that, she is on Tiktok and has an account there with her best friend, Ava Foley. They collaborate on different types of content and have a large number of followers.

Professional Career

Everleigh comes from a family that is already well-known in the online world. Despite the fact that his father has abandoned the family, his stepfather is very kind and has accepted him with a pure heart. As a result, he has an advantage in becoming famous on the Internet without difficulty.

In general, she began it on Instagram, which her mother created, and she also manages it. Everleigh’s Instagram journey has proven to be fruitful, as she now has over 5 million followers. She now makes a good living through paid promotions.

Following that, she joined the TikTok platform with her best friend Ava, which was also a success for them. She also became a part of Vogue Australia and had the opportunity to participate in the Kardashian Kids campaign.

Everleigh Soutas, on the other hand, is an official member of the Family YouTube Channel, which has over 13 million subscribers. She’s made a lot of money and gained a lot of fame since then. She is also collaborating with her mother on the Kid’s Clothing line, which is making headway in the US market.

Everleigh’s ambition is to become a well-known actress. She is working hard to improve her acting abilities and get involved in any project as soon as possible.

Height and Weight of Everleigh Soutas

Everleigh Soutas is 3 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 26 kilograms. She is of white ethnicity.

When it comes to her appearance, she has gray eyes and blonde hair. Furthermore, the skin tone is white.