Marcela Valladolid’s Ex-Husband Fausto Gallard Age, Wife, Kids, Bio, Fact

Fausto Gallard is an environmental politician and activist best known as the ex-husband of Marcela Valladolid, an American chef, and author.

Early Life of Fausto Gallard

Fausto Gallard was born in Tijuana, Mexico on the first of June 1970. Mexican citizen of mixed ethnicity has a place. He completed his mandatory training in Tijuana, Mexico.

Professional Career

Fausto Gallard began his professional career as an environmental politician and activist. He is tenacious to the point where he enjoys devoting his time to various political activities. Fausto enjoys making the general public more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, he has been investigating, requesting, and deciding to make a few changes in the public eye.

The goal of being a natural political extremist is his conviction that every individual should save as much of our planet as possible and should safeguard and guarantee the earth. He has been successful in bringing about positive changes in his community. Aside from that, he made headlines as the ex-boyfriend of gourmet expert Marcela Valladolid.

Married Life of Fausto Gallard

Fausto Gallard may be single right now. Marcela, his ex-wife, is a chef and author from the United States. Their marriage lasted about ten years before the differences between them became apparent. After they divorced in 2003, the couple remarried in June 2012 after settling their differences.

Fausto and Marcela are also parents. In 2004, she gave birth to their first child, a son named Fausto Gallardo Jr. They couldn’t take their relationship any longer and split up again. According to reports, the reason for the separation was Marcela’s affairs with Paul. However, no date for their divorce has been specified.

Ex-Wife Relationship Status After Divorce

Marcela has been in a relationship with his fiance Philip Button since her divorce from her husband Fausto. They had two children as a result of their romantic relationship with Philip (son & daughter).

Their son David Button-Valladolid was born in 2015. The couple was then blessed with a daughter, Anna Carina Button-Valladolid, in 2016. They have been in a romantic relationship but have not yet married.

Net Worth of Fausto Gallard

Fausto Gallard’s professional career as an environmental politician and activist may have paid well. According to some online resources, the average annual salary of environmental politician activists is around $34.88K. As a result, he may be earning in the same ballpark.

According to reports, Fausto Gallard’s net worth exceeds $500,000. His ex-wife Marcela Valladolid has a net worth of more than $3 million. She amassed a sizable fortune as an American chef and author.

Ex-Wife Short Bio

Marcela, Fausto’s ex-wife, is an American chef and author best known as the host of the Food Network TV show Mexican Made Easy and an appointed authority on the Food Network TV show Best Baker in America.

She began her career by enrolling in her Aunt Marcela’s cooking school in Tijuana, Mexico. Marcela released her first cookbook, Fresh Mexico: 100 Simple Recipes for True Mexican Flavor, in 2009.