FouseyTube Height, Age, Net Worth 2022, Girlfriend, Parents

Fousey Tube is a popular YouTuber with a distinct personality. He attracts millions of YouTube subscribers by posting comedy sketches, vlogs, parodies, and interviews.

Age of FouseyTube

Fousey Tube’s age as of 2022 is 32 years. Fousey Tube was born on January 22, 1990, in Fremont, California. His ancestors are from Syria. Aquarius is the birth sign of the Fousey tube.

He recently graduated from San Jose State University. In 2013, he also received his bachelor’s degree in theatre arts.

Fousey Tube is from a Palestinian family. His father and mother fled to America following the conflict between Syria and Israel. Unfortunately, he has never spoken much about his parents in interviews or on social media. As a result, his parent’s names are not widely known.

The YouTube star, on the other hand, has three siblings: one sister, NouraErekat, and two brothers, Mohammad Erakat and Ahmed Erakat.

His sister is a teacher by trade. She is also well known for being a vocal opponent of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also well known for her significant activism work for humanitarian law, social justice, and national security law. She is also a lawyer and a writer.

However, none of the Fousey tube family members are particularly well-known on YouTube.

FouseyTube’s Net Worth

Fousey Tube’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. He made the majority of his money from his YouTube channel, where he used to post pranks, comedic content, vlogs, and parodies.

In exchange, he earns money through ads, sponsored content, product promotions, and a variety of other deals.

Fousey Tube, on the other hand, is a rapper and actor who also makes a good living. In addition, he is currently in the news for his MMA career, which will help him earn money.

Height of FouseyTube

Fousey Tube stands about 5 feet and 10 inches tall. The YouTube sensation weighs approximately 75 kg. In terms of appearance, he has black eyes, black hair, and an Asian skin tone.

Professional Career

Fousey Tube was a happy guy with moral values. Because he is Syrian, he is always looking for ways to improve his life and become a better person. As a result, the first thing he has done is finish his studies.

While he was studying, the constant thought in his mind was YouTube. Why? Because he has seen many fellow YouTubers achieve success and earn a substantial amount of money through this platform. He started a YouTube channel in 2011 and uploaded his first video four days later.

Fousey Tube had a very professional demeanor. As a result, he never considered taking shortcuts. However, after sharing his first video, his passion and driving force remained, and he worked intentionally harder to achieve everything in his life. He now has nearly 10 million active subscribers on YouTube.

In addition to YouTube, Fousey Tube has established himself as a talented actor and rapper. He has also worked on several TV projects and performed live as a rapper at various concerts. His notable acting credits include Boo 2, A Madea Halloween, and Fight of the Living Dead.

Fousey Tube becomes friends with fellow YouTube stars and social media personalities such as Mo Vlogs, Adam Saleh, Lilly Sing, Alex Wasabi, and many more as a result of its immense popularity.

Girlfriend of FouseyTube

Fousey Tube began dating Alycia Tyre in 2016. Alycia, for example, is a well-known Instagram star with nearly 2 million active followers.

She even appeared in several fousey tube videos. Unfortunately, they split up in 2018 after three years of dating.

Following that, Fousey Tube began dating Simmi Singh, another YouTube sensation. Simmi Singh is an Indian-American YouTuber who posts vlog-style content.

Her subscriber base is approaching one million. On the other hand, she is a skilled dancer and martial artist.