Hebe Beardsall Age, Birthday, Net Worth 2023, Boyfriend, Bio

Hebe Beardsall is a British actress and dancer. She is best known for portraying Ariana Dumbledore in the internationally acclaimed Harry Potter film series.

She starred in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts One and Two. Both of these parts are frequently regarded as the best of the Harry Potter series.

What Is Hebe Beardsall’s Age?

July is Hebe Beardsall’s birthday. She was born in London, United Kingdom. 29 is her current age. She and her parents raised her in London.

Her mother is Janie Beardsall, and her father is Jonny Beardsall. She also has a sibling. Ruby Beardsall is her sister. Much of her early life is a mystery. We will update this post with new information as it becomes available.

Her religion is Christianity. Hebe’s ethnicity is Scandinavian and White. Her nationality is British. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Cancer, based on the month of her birth.

Hebe became interested in acting as a child and aspired to be a famous actress. She realized her dream. She has finished school and university. Queen Victoria had a significant influence on her.

What Are Hebe Beardsall’s Films And TV Shows?

Hebe Beardsall has appeared in the very well-known Harry Potter series. Vic Murray represents her. This film featured many fantastic beasts. Hebe rose to prominence on a global scale for her roles as Martha Napp in The Alienist and Kim Meadows in Casualty.

Hebe took on the role of Ariana Dumbledore after persuading her mother to look into casting calls for children with fair hair in 2009. She also provided the voice of Mistrare for the video game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.

She rose to prominence for her role as Martha Napp in the 2020 television series The Alienist. She portrays Catrin in The Witcher: Blood Origins. Hebe most recently appeared in the 2022 TV miniseries “The Witcher: Blood Origin.” This film combines drama, action, and adventure. There are many casualties and deaths depicted in the show.

Is Hebe Beardsall Dating Rory Smith?

There is a rumor that Hebe Beardsall is dating Rory Smith. Journalist Rory Smith is well-known. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Her most recent relationship and marriage details are unknown.

Her marital status and the existence of her boyfriend are both unclear. Her age suggests that she is married, but there is no information about her husband or children.

Hebe Beardsall’s Height – How Tall Is She?

Winifer Fernandez is a very beautiful woman. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches (169 cm). Her weight is 48 kilograms (105 pounds). With her blue-grey eyes and long blonde hair, she is very attractive.

Her Scandinavian heritage gives her a distinctive appearance and beauty, and her diet-conscious nature has resulted in an alluring toned physique.

Hebe also has piercings on her ears and nose, and she frequently wears jewelry. She has snow-white skin and a round face. Her sleek physique and curvature make her appear extremely attractive and desirable to many men all over the world. Hebe has a large number of fans all over the world who adore her beauty and charm.

What is the total amount of money that Hebe Beardsall has in her bank account?

According to sources, Hebe Beardsall’s net worth, which was amassed through her successful professional acting and dancing career, which she has been playing since around 2012, is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million as of late 2023.

She also has a lot of assets and lives a very comfortable life. Hebe has also made significant contributions to charitable causes all over the world. Her net worth is expected to continue to rise and reach around $3 million.

What Is Hebe’s Instagram Account?

Yes, Hebe is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram. She’s also active on Facebook and Twitter. She uses these platforms to post beautiful selfies and promote her latest works and various brands.

She also posts her beautiful paintings and nature photos. She can be found on Instagram with the handle @hebe beardsall, where she currently has 1,287 followers.