Jack Wright Age, Height, Net Worth 2022, Girlfriend, College

Jack Wright is a TikTok celebrity who has amassed millions of followers by showcasing his dancing and entertainment abilities. He rose to prominence after joining a social group called “The Hype House” with other TikTok stars such as Tony Lopez, Chase Hudson, Nick Austin, Avani Gregg, and others. On Charli D’Amelio’s birthday in 2020, he posted a dance video with her that went viral and received over 3 million views on TikTok.

He’s been posting on his Instagram account “jack.wright21” since 2016, and he now has over 1.3 million followers. He has collaborated on several videos with other Hype House personalities, including Addison Rae.

With his jaw-dropping dancing abilities and facial expressions, Jack Wright has won the hearts of millions.

Jack Wright’s Family and Age

He has a twin brother, James, who is also a TikTok Star. Jack and James were born in California, USA, on March 29, 2003. He is a 19-year-old American Boy. The Hype House is home to both Jack and James.

Will Wright is his father’s name, and Joy Bloom Wright is his mother’s name. Jack’s father has worked for a non-profit history flight that assists in the recovery of missing military personnel while on deployment. On a few occasions, the twins assisted their father in locating military personnel.

Jack Wright is a Great Oak High School graduate. He was also well-known in his high school for his pole vaulting abilities and participation in track and field events.

Girlfriend of Jack Wright

Jack Wright took to social media to confirm his relationship with Sienna Gomez. “Happy birthday to a beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing girl,” he wrote. You are deserving of the world 3.”

He also stated that he considers himself fortunate to have her in his life. Jack and Sienna Gomez have been friends since high school.

In May 2021, Jack Wright’s friend Mason claimed that Sienna Gomez sexually assaulted him. Surprisingly, James Wright also retweeted Mason’s tweet.

In her YouTube video, Sienna denies the allegations. At the moment, it is clear that they are no longer in a relationship.

Jack Wright’s Net Worth

His primary source of income is social media, but it is unknown how much he actually earns. A Famous TikTok Star can earn up to $200K per post, according to statistics.

Besides TikTok and Instagram, Jack has a YouTube Channel with 126K subscribers, which could be another source of income for him.

Professional Career

Before becoming a famous TikTok Star, Jack began posting on Instagram in 2016. Initially, he would post photos of his pole vault competition, travel, and other daily activities.

He then joined TikTok and began sharing his dance videos as well as other entertaining videos. That was one lucky day when he uploaded a video titled “It Was Not Planned” and it went viral, changing his life and making him a celebrity.

His TikTok dancing videos currently have over 227 million Likes and thousands of comments from his fans.

Rumors and Disputations

Fame brings both love and criticism, as is the case with Jack Wright. His detractors work hard to bring him down by spreading false information and providing false feedback about him.

But that never deterred Jack from achieving fame, and he never participated in any activity that could tarnish his reputation.