Jessica Tarlov’s Baby, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Bio

Jessica Tarlov is a political strategist and consultant best known as the co-host of the TV show The Five. She is currently working on a variety of Fox News shows, including Cavuto Live, Outnumbered, Kenedy Live, and many others.

She is a well-educated woman with a Ph.D. in political science and government. Let’s take a look at how she got into Fox News after beginning her career as a project manager.

Age of Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov was born in Manhattan, New York, in the United States. Judith Roberts and Mark Tarlov are her parents’ names. Her father is connected to the entertainment industry and used to be a filmmaker.

She has a sister named Molly Tarlov as well. Her sister was an actress in the past. Molly, her sister, is well-known for her roles in Simply Irresistible and Everlasting. Her birth sign is Pisces, and she is an American.

Education Background of Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov attended Bryn Mawr College after finishing her higher education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in history in 2006. Tarlov later moved to England to attend The London School of Economics and Political Science. Finally, she earned her master’s degree in public policy and administration in 2007.

Jessica Tarlov’s Professional Career

Jessica Tarlov began her career as a project manager in 2007. She began working as a research assistant for political analyst Douglas Schoen the same year. Tarlov began her career as a political commentator in 2014.

She has been the senior director of research and consumer insight at Bustle Digital Group since 2017. Jessica is currently serving as a co-host on The Five.

Married Life of Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov is extremely private about her personal life. She doesn’t like talking about her personal life. However, some sources claim that she is in a relationship with Roman Kuznetsov.

Her romance with Roman began in 2017. There has been no word about their breakup as of yet, so we can assume she is still in a relationship with him.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed anything about her previous love. She married her boyfriend, Brian, in 2021. She also has a child as a result of her relationship with her husband. Her wedding photos are also available on the internet.

Net Worth of Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov began working professionally in 2007, and she has held various positions in various companies. Throughout her career, she had held various positions such as consultant, political analyst, and many others.

She has also worked in the entertainment industry as a producer and writer, so she has a good amount. Her overall career may net her a net worth of $1.5 million.

Height of Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov stands 5 feet 11 inches tall. She is a petite lady who weighs 58kg. According to her videos, she has a pleasant personality and exudes confidence while working.

Her body dimensions are 34-27-36 inches. Her hair and eyes are dark browns. Her age is 37 years old, according to her birth date, and she has a very energetic voice.

Social Media

Jessica Tarlov is a Twitter user who began using the platform in 2015. Jessica used to tweet regularly from her account, and she currently has 29.2k tweets from her account. Her Twitter account has 51.9k followers. Jessica is not active on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

We attempted to locate Jessica’s active account on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but we were unsuccessful. So it appears that she does not enjoy using social media other than Twitter.