Jill Wine-Banks Net Worth 2023, Her Husband, Bio, Age

Jill Wine-Banks is a well-known American lawyer who served as a prosecutor in one of the country’s biggest political scandals. The ‘Watergate scandal’ involved the administration of US President Richard Nixon (1972–1974) and resulted in Nixon’s resignation. Jill was also the first woman to serve as the United States Army’s General Counsel from 1977 to 1980, under President Jimmy Carter.

Net Worth of Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks has worked for a long time and has risen to career and fortune as a result of her hard work and determination. Jill’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Early Life of Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 5, 1943. Jill Susan Wine was born to her father, Bert S. Wine, a Certified Public Accountant, and mother, Sylvia Dawn, whose occupation is unknown.

Personal Statement

Jill Wine-Banks is 78 years old and of American nationality. Jill is of white religion and adheres to the Jewish faith. Taurus is her astrological sign.


Jill Wine-Banks was born in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Campus. Jill has a B.S. in Communication Studies and served as president of her Iota Alpha Pi chapter. Jil also attended “Columbia Law School,” graduating with a Juris Doctorate in 1968.

Married Life of Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks was married to Ian Volner. The couple divorced in 1980, however. Jill then married her high school sweetheart, Michale Banks, an antique dealer from Winnetka, Illinois.

Height of Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks is of average height and weight; however, she has not disclosed her height or weight. Jill has not disclosed her height, weight, chest size, hip size, shoe size, dress size, or waist size. Jill has a fair complexion and light blonde hair. Similarly, Jill has very attractive and addictive green eyes that complement her appearance.

Jill Wine-Banks’ Career Line

Jill joined the US Department of Justice after finishing law school, and she was one of the first female attorneys to work in the organized crime sector. During the Watergate scandal, Jill worked on the staff of special prosecutor Leon Jaworski, and she was in charge of cross-examining President of the United States Richard Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods. During the trial, she received media attention for her excellent legal strategies and fashion choices.

After the Watergate scandal, Jill joined a D.C. law firm, and in 1977, President Jimmy Carter nominated her to be the Army’s General Counsel, a position she held until 1980. Jill was also the first woman to serve as executive director of the American Bar Association in 1987. Jill joined an American multinational telecommunications company in 1992 as a director and vice president, a position she held until 2000. She was also Maytag’s vice president.

Jill was the founder and CEO of a human resources firm called “Winning Workplaces” in 200 and left the firm in 2003. She then joined Chicago Public Schools as the chief officer for career and technical education and held the position until 208, after which she worked as a consultant with F&H solutions.

Jill Wine-Banks was an MSNBC legal analyst who appeared on primetime and daytime shows. Jill has also appeared on PBS, Canadian and Australian networks such as Sirius XM and NPR, as well as radio shows and podcasts such as Stephanie Miller’s. Jill Wine-Banks gained media attention after wearing miniskirts during a court proceeding, and she was chastised and condemned for doing so.

Social Media

Jill Wine-Banks’ Twitter account is very active. Jill is on Twitter as @JillWineBanks, where she has 571.7k followers and 29.7k tweets as of March 2023.