Jirah Mayweather

Jirah Mayweather is a well-known American. She is the daughter of boxer and entrepreneur Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is a champion who has won numerous trophies throughout his career.

Jirah is also interested in music and has posted some of her singing on social media. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this young and talented individual with her father’s support and guidance.

He is known for flaunting his wealth by wearing diamond chains and expensive watches.

Despite her youth, Jirah has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She has appeared with her family on a few reality TV shows, including “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Show.”

Age, Birthday, and Siblings

On June 25, 2004, Jirah Mayweather was born. Her current age is 18 years old. Jirah was born in California, United States. Her parents and siblings raised her in the United States.

Josie Harris is her mother’s name, and Floyd Mayweather is her father’s. Jirah is very close to her father and frequently posts pictures and videos of them together on her social media accounts.

Koraun, Zion Shamaree, and Iyanna Mayweather are her siblings’ names. Much of her early life is shrouded in mystery.

Mother Death

On March 10th, Jirah’s mother, Josie Harris, was discovered dead in a car at her home. According to the information we have, the incident was reported to the police at 9:30 p.m.

Jirah has been depressed since the death of her mother. Her Instagram profile picture features her mother. This was a tragic incident that continues to haunt Jirah to this day.

Relationship Status

In terms of her personal life, no information about her relationship or ex-boyfriend has previously been made public. Her father has never married in his personal life.

He did, however, have a long track record of relationships. When he began dating Erica Dixon, his dating life began. After they split up, he dated Josie Harries.

He was in a 14-year relationship with Harries, and they even lived together. After that, he was in a long-term relationship with Melissa Brim.

He also dated a number of other women after their breakup. There have been rumors that Jirah Mayweather is dating NBA young boy, a famous musician.

Net Worth

She has never been professionally involved in any type of business in terms of her financial worth. As a result, there is currently no information on her net worth or salary.

When it comes to her father’s net worth, he has amassed a substantial fortune through his hard work and intellect. His net worth is expected to be around $460 million by 2022.

Height and Weight

Jirah Mayweather is a stunning woman. Her height is 5′ 3″ tall. Her body weight is 51 kg. Her brown eyes and brown hair complement her very well. She has a slim build.

She has beautiful big eyes that are very appealing, as well as long straight hair. Her personality is very appealing. Her ethnicity is African.

Social Media

She also has a sizable social media following, particularly on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her daily life and fashion choices. She has over 261K Instagram followers.

Despite her difficulties, Jirah remains a positive and inspiring figure for her followers. She has used her social media platform to share messages of positivity and self-love with her followers, encouraging them to be kind to one another and to themselves.