Johnny Argent Net Worth, Age, Wife, Kids, and Biography

Johnny Argent is a successful composer and author who is well-known for his relationship with Roseanne Barr. Johnny Argent produced the films “Downwardly Mobile” and “The Tipping Point.”

Johnny Argent Age

Johny was born in Maryland, United States of America, on July 4, 1949. He is currently 73 years old. He has no nicknames, and his given name is Johnny Argent.

His parents’ information is kept private, and he grew up with his four siblings, but their names and professions are also kept private. He was the family’s youngest member.

Johnny Argent is an American nationality who practices Christianity, as did his parents. His birthdate suggests that he is cancerous.

There is no information about his childhood or what he did as a child. He adores his wife and is an incredibly compassionate, caring, and sensitive individual. His ethnicity is Caucasian.


There is no information available about his educational history. Perhaps he finished his education at a local school in his hometown. He has never revealed any information about his schooling or college experience.

Furthermore, he has kept all of his details private and has never discussed them in the media or in interviews. He doesn’t want anyone else to know about it.

Net Worth of Johnny Argent

Johnny Argent is a millionaire composer and writer from the United States. His primary source of income is from writing, producing, and composing films and television shows.

He has made a lot of money in this industry. His wife earns far more than he does. Her net worth is $80 million. They are both living their lives together.

Married Life of Johnny Argent

Johnny has been in a relationship with comedian Roseanne Barr since 2002. They have no children together, but his wife has children from a previous relationship, and they met online.

They lived together in Hawaii after her divorce. They are still together and have a happy love life together.

Professional Career

Johnny has a successful career as a producer, songwriter, and performer. He is unquestionably a wise and educated man. In terms of the producer’s career goals, he has put in many hours of work to secure a seat on the success train.

He wrote and produced many of Roseanne Barr’s works, and he always made a glam out of most of them. He worked on the Comedy Central Roast of “Roseanne” and “Roseanne Barr: Blonde and Bitchin and Rockin” with Roseanne, which led to his eventual stardom.

He worked on the “Downwardly Mobile” pilot, which would have reunited John Goodman and Roseanne Barr.

Endorsements for Brands

There is no information available about the brands he has supported. Perhaps he hasn’t endorsed any brands until now.

If any new information becomes available, we will post it here, but there is currently no information on this topic. His wife is more famous and earns more money than he does.

Nominations and Awards

Johnny has written a number of blockbuster films. He has written “Downwardly Mobile,” “Comedy Central Roasts,” “The Tipping Point,” and other works. He wrote and produced “The Tipping Point” and “Rockin’ with Roseanne,” among many other films and television shows.

However, he has not received any awards. Perhaps he will win and be nominated for awards in the future, but there is no information about his awards on any websites or in the media.


There is no scandal about him that can be found on any website or in the media. We conducted extensive research into his scandal and controversy but came up empty-handed.

He is a very private person who has only revealed information about his professional life.

Height of Johnny Argent

Johnny is 5’11” tall and weighs 78kg. He has dark brown eyes and brown hair. His body dimensions are 38-29-35 inches.

Despite the fact that he is very active, he maintains his body through proper diet and exercise. He wears size 8 shoes and his other body measurements are kept private.

Social Media

Johnny isn’t on Instagram, and we couldn’t find his account there. He is also not on Facebook, but he is on Twitter, where he has 2,038 followers.

In addition, he joined Twitter in August 2011. He is a very private person who prefers not to share his personal information on social media.