Jojo Zarur Parents, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Father, Bio

Jojo Zarur is a celebrity stylist and entrepreneur who was born in Mexico City. She was raised in Coral Gables, Florida, by a Mexican father and a Lebanese-Arabic mother. She attended Stanford University and majored in pre-law and economics before dropping out to work as Young Thug’s stylist.

Age of Jojo Zarur

As of 2022, she appears to be around 29 years old. Joanna Nemer Zarur celebrates her birthday on November 15th.

She was born in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1991. Her nationality is American because she was born in America, and her ethnicity is Lebanese Arabic-Mexican.

Jojo Zarur
Caption: Jojo Zarur (Sources: Pinterest)

She is the daughter of Antonio and Faride Manzur. She also has two siblings, Jose and Anuar. Aside from that, we don’t know anything about her family.

Education Background of Jojo Zarur

In terms of her education, she has received a B. She appears to have completed her primary and secondary education at local Florida schools and colleges.

Furthermore, she appears to be a Stanford University pre-law student with a completed bachelor’s degree in economics.

Her bachelor’s degree is well-known in Hollywood due to her exceptional financial background. According to sources, even though she dropped her law degree a while ago, she appears to be ready to pursue it again.

Did Tommy Hilfiger and Jojo Zarur both attend Love & Hip-Hop?

Yes, both of them appeared in a 2018 love and hip-hop television show. This was not her first appearance on an American television show. She has already appeared on popular American shows such as American Idol.

Jojo Zarur
Caption: Jojo Zarur (Sources: Instagram)

Tommy, on the other hand, is a well-known figure in the media. He is well-known for the controversy surrounding his relationship status and other issues.

Despite the fact that Tommy and Jojo both attended the same television show, Joe appears to have left the show in 2020. While Tommy is well-known for his controversies, Jojo is well-known for her clothing line.

She is well-known in Controversies for her fights with Shay Johnson and Amara in Love and Hip-hop.

Boyfriend of Jojo Zarur

There are many rumors about her dating life when it comes to her relationship status. She appears to have been in a relationship with rapper Yung Mazi.

We recently learned that she is embroiled in a scandal involving none other than American Music star Kevin Gates.

Jojo Zarur
Capttion: Jojo Zarur (Sources: Instagram)

When Kevin Gates is already married to Dreka, they are both rumored to be in a relationship. We have no control over their future, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Did Jojo Zarur reveal anything about her surgery on Instagram?

She revealed to the Love and Hip-Hop television show that she had three surgeries in her life. Despite the fact that she has never revealed any information about where the surgery took place in her body.

Jojo Zarur
Caption: Jojo Zarur (Sources: Instagram)

Her body’s before and after photos speak for themselves. Compare the various images she used to post in her Ig before surgery. Her thighs, Buttox, Brest, and face have all grown significantly.

Net Worth of Jojo Zarur

Despite the fact that she is a well-known figure in the media. She has never disclosed any information about her net worth.

She, on the other hand, never shied away from telling the media how wealthy her father is. Concerning the specifics of her father’s net worth.

His father’s salary appears to be around $10 million. Aside from that, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She makes a living as a stylist for various musicians.

Body Measurements

Despite the fact that she dyes her hair on a regular basis. Her natural hair color appears to be black. Her body complements her height of 5 feet 6 inches and body mass of 70kgs.

She has the typical facial structure of a mixed-race female and dark brown eyes. Finally, her zodiac sign appears to be Scorpio.