Jordyn Raya James Age, Family, Net Worth, Nationality, Dad, Bio

Jordyn Raya James is a well-known child celebrity. She is well-known for her work in films, but she has recently gained popularity for her role in the TV series Family Reunion.

Jordyn Raya James is well-known for her actress as Ami Mckella in the Netflix TV series Family Reunion.

Age of Jordyn Raya James

Jordyn Raya James was born on October 22, 2010, in Upland, California. She will be 12 years old in 2022, and her zodiac sign is Libra. James is the daughter of Keyla James (mother) and has not revealed anything about her father.

Jordyn Raya James
Caption: Jordyn Raya James (Sources: Instagram)

Jordyn was raised as a single parent by her mother because her father abandoned her mother before she was born, and they have no good relationships. Jordyn is an American nationality of African-American, Korean, and Caucasian ethnicity.

When it comes to her educational background, she has yet to reveal anything. She could, however, be pursuing higher education.

Professional Career

Raya, Jordyn James has wanted to be an actress since she was a toddler, and she has already appeared in commercials at the age of 18 months.

James has previously appeared in numerous commercials for brands such as Carter’s Children’s Clothing, Doc McStuffins Baby Nursery Ap, and Disney Aqua Beads.

Jordyn Raya James
Caption: Jordyn Raya James (Sources: Instagram)

Jordyn Raya James made her television debut in 2014, at the age of four, in the ABC TV series Bet on Your Baby Season 2. Similarly, James made her film debut in Female Bond, which was part of Mercedes-“Mercedes Benz’s She’s International Women’s Day” campaign.

Her television credits include short roles in Homecoming, Five Points, and Game on! A Comedy Crossover Event.

Jordyn Raya James has also appeared in Muppet Moments: Disney Jr., Try not to smile or laugh, and What would my kid do? Jordyn has also appeared on episodes of Kids React and the comic reality shows People vs. Food on YouTube.

Family Reunion of Jordyn Raya James

From 2019 to 2021, Family Reunion aired 35 episodes over four seasons, with her appearing in all of them. The Mckellan family moves from Seattle, Washington, to Columbus, Georgia, to be closer to Moz’s (the family’s) extended family.

Family Reunion was also given “the NAACP Award” in 2021. She gained popularity as a result of the series, and she went on to do more projects, becoming one of the most in-demand child actresses today.

Relationship Status of Jordyn Raya James

Raya, Jordyn James is currently unattached. James is far too young for a romantic relationship. She is currently more concerned with her career and studies than with being in a romantic relationship.

Jordyn Raya James
Caption: Jordyn Raya James (Sources: Instagram)

Net Worth of Jordyn Raya James

Jordyn Raya James is a well-known actor. She has done an excellent job and amassed a sizable fortune during her career.

James’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She earned money through sponsorships, brand endorsements, photoshoots, and other means.

Height of Jordyn Raya James

Raya, Jordyn James is 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 35 kg. She has a lovely face, black hair, and black eyes. James has not yet revealed her body measurements.

Social Media

Jordyn Raya James maintains social media accounts. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Janes has more than 120k Instagram followers and 15 Facebook followers.