Tonya Harding’s Husband Joseph Jens Price, Birthday, Net Worth

Joseph Jens Price, a former HVAC technician, is best known as the husband of former figure skater Tonya Harding. He is also an amateur singer who has a son with his beloved wife. Joseph and Tonya have been married for over a decade.

Age of Joseph Jens Price

Joseph Jens Price was born in Yacolt, Washington in 1970, but his exact birth date is unknown. Because Joseph has always kept a private life, there is no information about his past life, including his parents, siblings, and education.

Joseph Jens Price
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This young and talented personality has reached the age of 52, which is surprising given that he appears to be very young and may have aged like a fine wine.

Joseph Jens Price is of mixed ethnicity and has American nationality. Aside from that, no information about his zodiac is available because his exact date of birth is unknown.

Professional Career

Joseph Jens Price began his career doing odd jobs before becoming a woodworker. His wife, on the other hand, is a well-known personality who trained as a figure skater with coach Diane Rawlinson throughout her childhood.

Tonya Harding
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She began working her way up the competitive skating ladder, finishing sixth at the 1986 US Figure Skating Championships, fifth in 1987 and 1988, and third in 1989.

At the September 1991 Skate America Competition, she was the first woman to complete a triple Axel in the Short Program, the first woman to successfully execute two triple Axels in a single Competition, and the first woman to complete a triple Axel in combination with the double toe loop.

Aside from that, she has appeared in several films, including Breakway, which was released in 1996, and in a game show, The Weakest Link: 15 Minutes of Fame Edition in 2002, where she co-hosted with Kato Kaelin.

She is also a commentator for TruTv’s truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest… She has also appeared in a television commercial promoting Direct Auto Insurance. She also defeated Paula Jones in a boxing match on Fox Network Celebrity Boxing in 2002.

Married Life of Joseph Jens Price

Joe and Tonya met for the first time in Washington, at Timbers, a local restaurant. She went to a local restaurant for a drink after returning from doing color commentary on the TV show World’s Dumbest. He was karaoke-ing at the restaurant.

Tonya made the first move in getting to know Joseph better, and the two began dating. In addition, she proposed to him after only a few months of dating. Joseph accepts her proposal and prepares to marry her. After they married, Joseph Jens Price made Tonya Harding his wife on June 23, 2010.

Joseph was 42 years old when he married Tonya Harding, who was 39 years old at the time. They have avoided rumors of separation and internal conflict since their marriage. Furthermore, Tony believes that her husband loves her for who she is, not for her skating abilities or popularity.

Kids of Joseph Jens Price

Joseph Jens Price gave to father to a son with his beloved wife Tonya. Gordon Price, his son, was born on February 19, 2011. Tonya, his wife, was 40 when she became a mother.

They both agreed that having their son was the best thing that had ever happened to them. They have, however, kept their son’s identity hidden from the media. Harding stated in an interview with Good Morning America,

“I had my son at 40, so the first half of my life I’m actually maybe getting a do-over, so that’s why I’m here.”

Tonya Harding’s Wife’s Previous Relationship

Tonya was married twice before marrying her current husband. On March 18, 1990, at the age of 19, she married Jeff Gillooly, who was 22 at the age. They decided to divorce after four years of living together as husband and wife.

They eventually divorced in the year 1994. After her first marriage failed, she married Michael Smith for the second time in 1995. However, Tonya and Michael’s marriage lasted only a year before they divorced in 1996.

Net Worth of Joseph Jens Price

Throughout his life, Joseph Jens Price has held a variety of positions. So he must have a decent net worth from his various works. According to reports, Joseph Jens Price has a net worth of $500 thousand. He lives a simple and comfortable life on his earnings.

Tonya Harding, Joseph Jens Price’s wife, has a net worth of $150 thousand, according to celebrity net worth. However, his wife Tonya’s net worth exceeds the figures provided.

Height of Joseph Jens Price

Joseph Jens Price is a tall man who stands at an average height and weighs an average weight. Aside from that, there is no information about his body measurements, such as his chest size, waist size, and hip size, because he prefers to keep such information private.

However, he has lovely black hair and brown eyes, which complement his humble demeanor perfectly.

Social Media

Joseph Jens Price is a private individual who is most likely preoccupied with his career and family. However, unlike most people, a private person is not obsessed with social media platforms such as Instagram.