Who is Josh Blue Current Wife? Kids, Girlfriend, Illness, Married Life, Facts

Josh Blue, an American comedian, rose to prominence after winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006. He also became an AGT finalist known for being a rib-tickling comedian.

Married Life of Josh Blue with his Wife

Josh Blue used to have a wife, but now he only has a girlfriend. So, while Josh Blue does not have a wife, he is in a relationship. Yuko Kubota is the name of his ex-wife, with whom he had two kids.

Blue has yet to officially marry his girlfriend Mercy Gold. Time will tell whether Mercy marries Josh or not. Blue and Gold appear to be content together and have been in a relationship since 2016. Josh Blue is no longer married.

Josh Blue met Yuko Kubota through a mutual friend in Boulder (a city in northern Colorado). Josh was immediately attracted to Yuko, but her feelings were not reciprocated at first. However, he must first persuade Yuko to agree to be with him before they can begin dating.

He had to travel all the way to Japan to meet Yuko’s parents before their marriage. They decided to get married after convincing her parents. Josh Blue married his wife Yuko Kubota in front of their friends, family, and relatives in 2008. The married couple initially adjusted to life.

The two had minor squabbles due to cultural, lifestyle, and habit differences. Unfortunately, conflicts arose in their marriage, making it difficult for them to continue. Josh and Yuko eventually divorced in 2014, but the reason for their separation has yet to be revealed. They went their separate ways after their divorce.

Children of Josh Blue

Josh Blue is the father of two kids with his ex-wife Yuko. They had two children as a result of their marriage (son & daughter). Simon Blue, the duo’s elder son, was born in 2008. Seika Blue, the former couple’s daughter, was born in 2010.

After their divorce, Josh and Yuko prioritized their children and decided to co-parent. They each have their partners, but children benefit from having four parental figures in their lives. Blue’s love for his kids is evident in his social media posts. We wish the family much happiness in the coming years.

What is the identity of Josh Blue’s ex-wife?

Yuko Kubota, Josh Bule’s ex-wife, is a Wall Street Journal reporter based in Beijing, China. Kubota reported on China’s internet and technology policies. She has also covered news about the US and Chinese tech titans such as Apple, Didi, Baidu, and others.

Yuko also worked as a technology and automotive reporter for the Tokyo Bureau. According to reports, she has joined The Future of Everything: Exploring Global Innovation By Private Jet in Shenzen.

Girlfriend of Josh Blue

As previously stated, Blue is in a wonderful relationship with his girlfriend Mercy Gold. Gold has also become a member of Josh’s family. According to reports, they began dating in 2016 when she appeared on Josh’s Instagram account. The couple has a wonderful relationship and is very close to each other.

Mercy has also formed a strong bond with his children. His children appear to like her a lot. In difficult times, she has been a rock beside her boyfriend. The couple has faced all of life’s challenges together. They also remained dedicated to making their relationship work. Josh and Mercy, on the other hand, have yet to be married and become husband and wife.

Josh Blue’s Illness

Josh Blue suffers from Cerebral Palsy, a condition that impairs a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. However, he mostly made jokes about his disability and his life with Cerebral Palsy.

His jokes make the audience appreciate his offbeat outlook on life. Also, he claims that when you leave his show, you’ll have a different perspective on disability.

Regarding American Comedian Blue Josh

Josh Blue, an American comedian, was born in Cameroon on November 27, 1978.

Walter Blue, Josh’s father, was a Romance language professor at Hamline University who taught during a mission.

His family raised him in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

He graduated from Como Park Senior High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1997.

He also has a creative writing degree from The Evergreen State College, and he began his career as a comedian.

In addition, he volunteered as an intern at Parc de Hahn, a Senegalese zoo, and locked himself in an empty animal exhibit for eight hours.

He released the comedy albums Good Josh, Bad Arm, and Sticky Chance between 2011 and 2013.

Josh Blue’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as a result of his professional career.

Blue won $10,000 after winning the Royal Flush Comedy Competition at the 2004 Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

He was also the first comedian to perform stand-up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Josh has appeared on television shows such as Regis and Kelly.

He had also been a member of the United States Paralympic soccer team in 2004.

Josh Blue stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, or 1.70 M or 170 CM.