Rosie Rivera’s Daughter Kassandra Rivera Age, Net Worth, Bio

Kassandra Rivera is well-known for being a celebrity child who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Rivera is well-known as the oldest daughter of Rosie Rivera, an American TV host, and businesswoman.

Rivera Enterprises’ CEO is Kassandra Rivera’s aunt. She is also well known for her appearance on the reality show Rica, Famosa, Latina.

Age of Kassandra Rivera

Kassandra Rivera was born on March 17, 2003. Rivera was born in the United States. She is currently 19 years old as of 2022. Kassandra Rivera is the daughter of Rosie and Ricky Rivera (Father). Abel Flores is her stepfather’s name, and he is very kind and caring.

Kassandra Rivera
Caption: Kassandra Rivera (Sources: Instagram)

Kassandra Rivera is putting in a lot of effort to advance her career after graduating in 2021. Her mother thrust her into the spotlight. Rivera currently resides with her parents in Long Beach, California.

Professional Career

Kassandra Rivera served as executor of her late sister Jenni Rivera’s estate. She is well-known for her appearances on shows such as Rica, Famosa, and Latina. Kassandra has also amassed wealth through her shows and businesses.

Kassandra Rivera
Caption: Kassandra Rivera (Sources: Instagram)

Kassandra Rivera is currently a student. Rivera is currently reliant on her parents. Her lavish lifestyle is made possible by her parents’ earnings. Kassandra’s father is also wealthy, with a net worth of over a million dollars.

Relationships Status of Kassandra Rivera

Kassandra Rivera is currently unattached. She prioritizes her studies and career over a romantic relationship. As a result, Rivera has avoided discussing her romantic relationships.

Kassandra may be dating someone but has not revealed their identity. Her parents’ love story is fascinating. Her mother married Abel Flores in 2011 and has two children, Samantha Chay Flores and Elias Melek Flores.

Net Worth of Kassandra Rivera

Kassandra Rivera is currently preoccupied with her studies. She has not disclosed her precise professional status. Rivera is currently concentrating on her research and has not revealed her exact net worth.

Kassandra’s mother’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. Jenni Rivera Enterprises is also founded and run by her mother.

Social Media

Kassandra Rivera maintains a social media presence. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Rivera’s Instagram account has over 233k followers, her Twitter account has 2441 followers, and her Facebook account has over 1000 followers.