Kinigra Deonn Kids, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth 2022

Kinigra Deon is a social media sensation and aspiring American actress, model, YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, and YouTuber. Deon rose to prominence thanks to her self-titled YouTube channel, which has millions of subscribers.

Kinigra Deon primarily uploads comedy skits and web series to YouTube. Deon, on the other hand, has millions of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Age of Kinigra Deon

Kinigra Deon was born on November 28, 1998. She was born in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States of America. As of 2022, she will be 24 years old. Deon has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings.

In terms of her educational background, she attended a private high school. She then attended university and earned a bachelor’s degree.

Boyfriend of Kinigra Deon

Is Kinigra Deon Married? She is currently involved in a romantic relationship. Reggie Washington is her current boyfriend. He is a jazz bassist from the United States. A daughter was born to the couple. Deon posts pictures of herself, her boyfriend, and her daughter on Instagram.

Kinigra was also the stepmother of Arii, Reggie’s previous relationship’s daughter. Deon previously dated Tim Willy, a YouTuber and content creator.

Net Worth of Kinigra Deon

Kinigra Deon is a well-known model, social media star, and YouTuber. She has done an outstanding job throughout her career. Deon has amassed a sizable fortune over the course of her career.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. Kinigra’s primary sources of income include business ventures, social media platforms, acting, brand endorsements, and so on.

Professional Career

Kinigra Deon began her professional career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS). She worked for a few years before discovering her passion for fashion and launching Weird Beautiful, an online boutique. Deon then worked as an apprentice at DTLA Production Company.

Finally, Kinigra launched House of Aparna and Styled by Kinigra, both of which provide style consultations for everyday life and special occasions.

Kinigra Deon began her modeling career and has since established herself as a full-time professional model. She started her YouTube channel in 2013, but her first video, “When your roommate invites your ex in,” was posted on November 13. Kinigra has amassed a large amount of content on her channel and has risen to prominence.

Kinigra Deon’s YouTube channel primarily features comedy skits and web series. “The Bad Babysitter,” “Fight Kids About Mine,” “Our Family Superpowers,” “When Your Mumma Can’t Cook,” and other Deon web series are available on YouTube.

The Bad Babysitter Season 1; I Fight Kids About Mine Ep. 4; Grandmas Are Too Soft Ep. 3, and I Fight Kids About Mine Ep. 2|Full Story is among her most popular videos. Kinigra Deon also uploads three weekly videos to her YouTube channel, which helps to grow her fan base.

Kinigra Deon is the owner of KINIGRA DEON SHORTS, and Kinigra Deon ENT is a YouTube channel. Deon also appeared on the Kinigra Deon Family and The Krown Family YouTube channels. Aside from modeling, she is well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok.

Deon uses Instagram to share her lifestyle, beautiful photos, family photos, and short reel videos. Kinigra Deon also promoted several fashion brands on her Instagram account. Deon has also amassed millions of Tik Tok followers as a result of her lip-syncing, dancing, and modeling content.

Social Media

Kinigra Deon maintains social media accounts. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Deon has over 243k Instagram followers, 4.7k Twitter followers, and 1.2 million Facebook followers.