Kio Cyr Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Nationality

Kio Cyr is a Canadian-born and raised social media influencer and Tiktok star. The young sensation is well-known for lip-sync videos, Challenges, and Trending. In addition, he used to upload video content from other categories.

Kio Cyr’s striking appearance is the primary reason for his internet popularity. Most importantly, many of his TikTok followers and other personal accounts are female. Things had never been easier for him to accomplish. He has worked hard for everything he has accomplished in the online world to date.

Aside from that, he is the only Canadian who has accomplished so much in his life. Many others may have more followers than he does. Nonetheless, he has all of the significant opportunities in his life that can lead to better other opportunities that others have always wished for in their lives.

Age of Kio Cyr

Kio Cyr turns 21 in the year 2022. His birthday is September 5, 2000, and he was born in Canada. If we’re talking about his zodiac sign, he’s a Virgo. Kio Cyr has also completed his education at Olympia High School in Canada.

Kio Cyr’s family information, such as his parents’ and siblings’ names and occupations, is insufficient. However, we discovered that Kio Cyr’s mothers are Thai, and his father is French-Canadian. We would expect him to be of mixed ethnicity for these reasons.

Because of his parents’ diverse backgrounds, he experiences a variety of cultural holidays each year. Aside from that, his family appears to be very supportive and encouraging because of what he has accomplished. Kio Cyr’s ethnicity is mixed, but his religion is Christianity.

Kio Cyr is a logical, practical, and systematic individual. He is the type of person who works hard to improve her skills and strives for perfection in everything he does. As a result, it’s the main reason he’s become so popular at such a young age.

Cyr’s Girlfriend

Kio Cyr began dating Amanda Daz in the year 2021. It was her second relationship since becoming a well-known personality. Amanda Daz, for example, is an Instagram star with over 1 million active followers.

Kio Cyr previously dated Olivia Ponton, but the relationship ended after a few months. Olivia Ponton is a well-known TikTok star who has over 5 million active followers.

Kio Cyr’s Net Worth

Kio Cyr’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. The sum will rise in the future because he is currently working on a variety of projects. He used to post videos on TikTok, which has over 8 million active followers, so a significant portion of his earnings come from there.

Meanwhile, he maintains an Instagram account where he posts sponsored content. Aside from that, he signed endorsements and brand deals to make money.

Professional Career

His first Tiktok video was about his high school graduation, in which he was dancing in joy. The video went viral, and he gained a large number of followers as a result. Aside from that, he is a gifted athlete who used to be a competitive soccer player.

As of now, he has more than 8 million active followers on Tiktok. Following that, he established an Instagram account and amassed over 2 million followers. Meanwhile, he agreed to become a representative for TalentX Entertainment.

Things don’t stop there; he also becomes a sway house member, which is where the world’s most popular influencers used to live and create content. Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson are two other well-known residents.

Height and Weight of Kio Cyr

Kio Cyr stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 68 kg. The data may fluctuate depending on the situation, but we have the most current and accurate data available here. The body dimensions are 36-30-35, and the shoe size is 10. (US).