Who is Kym Whitley’s Husband? Mother of Child, Relationship Fact

Kym Whitley is an American comedian best known for her roles in television shows and films such as Deliver Us From Eva, The Parkers, Black Dynamite, Young & Hungry, and The Boondocks. Similarly, she has always been open about her dating and relationship history. Everything you need to know about her personal life is right here.

Kym Whitley, is she married?

Despite being a mother, Kym Whitley is not married. She was previously in a romantic relationship with her partner. Whitley, on the other hand, has been single for many years. She is also mistaken for Rodney Van Johnson’s wife.

People have mistaken Whitley for Johnson’s wife because she adopted a child with her former partner Rodney Van Johnson. The couple is quite dramatic, as both individuals appear to have opposing views on their affairs.

Whitley denied any romantic relationship with her adopted son’s primary father figure, despite the fact that the ‘Black Dynamite’ actress adopted a child with Johnson. The couple had never been together before.

Several times, Kym and Rodney are mistaken for a real-life couple. She justified their relationship by saying they were good friends. They split up soon after because they disagreed about their adopted child.

Almost Husband of Kym Whitley

Gerald Levert, the late R&B singer, was Whitley’s, first true love. They grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent their childhood together. Gerald and Kym went to the same high school and lived in the same neighborhood.

They started out as friends, but their friendship quickly turned into a romance. They were in love, but their relationship was unstable. Whitley was devastated when she realized Levert needed a wife at home rather than an actress.

They never went on a date, but the couple remained close for many years. When Gerald moved on to other women, she had a fiance. After Levert told Sister 2 Sister Magazine that Kym was his one true love, she called off her engagement.

However, Kym and Levert never married or had a relationship. Gerald died in 2006 from an overdose of prescription and over-the-counter medications. She truly believes that if Gerald Levert were still alive today, he would be her husband.

Is Kym Whitley in a relationship?

Whitley did admit to dating on the Steve TV Show in June 2018. As a joke, Steve Harvey asked the cliched question, “Are you dating anyone right now?”

But she responds Yes, Steve, I am in a relationship. Kim has stated in numerous interviews that dating someone has become more difficult for her because she hasn’t been involved in a romantic relationship in a long time.

Kym Whitley’s Dating and Romance Opinions

Kym Whitley may live with her son Johnson, but that doesn’t stop her from dating other men. According to her interview with Steve Harvey, she never had long-term relationships because she had arguments with her dates after the honeymoon period was over.

Whitley enjoys the initial stage but becomes irritated when things become serious, especially when things become clingy. In an unexpected admission, she admitted to having romantic feelings for Rodney when she drinks alcohol.

Nonetheless, they do not appear to be serious about getting married anytime soon, and their relationship does not appear to be serious.

Kym Whitley’s Adopted Child

Kym Whitley became a mother after adopting her son Joshua Whitley. She adopted her son Joshua in the most unusual way possible in 2011. She told Today in 2015 that she had only one hour to decide whether to adopt the baby (talk about stress!). “It was like pizza delivery in an hour, honey,” she joked.

She also mentioned that her parents were in town and assisted her in making the decision to adopt Joshua. “I got a phone call out of the blue from the hospital. … and she said, ‘We have your baby ready,’ and I said, ‘I didn’t order a baby.'”

She summarized what her mother had told her in her comedic style: “Honey, you’ve always wanted a baby. You’re 87 years old, you have one egg left, and it’s on a walker. Go get that baby – this is your last chance.” Her story about how Joshua changed her life started with her drinking appletinis and wearing miniskirts as a party girl.