Lais Moraes Age, Net Worth, Kids, Ederson’s Wife, Bio

Lais Moraes is best known as the wife of Manchester City Star Ederson. Lais Moraes is not your typical WAG who enjoys making frequent public appearances. When it comes to her personal information, she has kept it private. Despite the fact that she has been married to Ederson for a long time, she has managed to keep their love life private.

As a result, many fans were unaware of their relationship. However, we have compiled all available information about the mysterious lady and included it in this article. So, stay tuned to learn more about Ederson’s stunning wife.

Ederson has grown into an important member of Manchester City’s squad since joining in 2017. He helped the Citizens win several championships and is now regarded as one of the best shot-stoppers in the world.

He also holds the record for the longest football dropkick. Enough about his career; let’s find out what the Brazilian star’s lovely wife is up to these days.

Age of Lais Moraes

Lais Moraes (born May 17, 1983) is a Brazilian singer better known by his stage name Lais. Sagittarius is his astrological sign. In 2009, she married Ederson Senna.

Her birthplace is Rio de Janeiro. Marcos and Rodrigo are her two brothers. Araci, her daughter born in 2010, is her only child.

She rarely appears in public, making gathering information about the beautiful lady’s childhood and family details difficult.

However, we are looking for more information and will update the article if new information becomes available. Stay tuned to find out more about Ederson’s stunning wife.

Education of Lais Moraes

Lais spent the majority of her childhood and adolescence in Portugal. We believe she attended local schools for her primary and secondary education.

We don’t know if she is enrolled in college at this time. Our guess is that she became a housewife at a young age to support her husband and did not attend college as a result.

Net Worth of Lais Moraes

Lais’ net worth is currently being calculated. We were unable to calculate her net worth because we could not obtain information about her current position. She is an independent woman who lives a luxurious life at a reasonable cost.

However, because we don’t know where she gets her money, it’s difficult to say how much she makes.

Melanie’s husband Ederson, on the other hand, earns a lot of money from his professional contract, which should be enough to cover the family’s needs and desires.

Relationship between Lais Moraes and Ederson

Ederson first met his wife in 2013, eight years ago. At the time, the goalkeeper was a member of the Portuguese club Rio Ave. For a long time, the couple managed to keep their relationship a secret.

They stayed out of the spotlight by making low-key appearances and going on secret dates. They were very committed from the start of their relationship and decided to continue because they loved and respected each other.

Finally, in 2014, the Brazilian goalkeeper married his wife in a small wedding ceremony. We believe the couple has had a healthy relationship up until now.

Kids of Lais Moraes

They have three children. Yasmin Moraes, their daughter, was born on June 6, 2017. Lais gave birth to her son, Henrique Moraes, on March 13, 2018, after becoming pregnant for the second time.

On January 17, 2020, they welcomed their third child, a daughter named Laura Moraes. The couple enjoys spending time with their child.

Professional Career

Lais’ career is currently being evaluated. She hasn’t revealed much about her professional background on the internet. She hardly ever appears in public. As a result, determining her current role has become difficult.

Based on her Instagram posts, we believe the Brazilian beauty is a responsible wife and caring mother. Lais spends the majority of her time with the couple’s three beautiful children.

She also handles housework and oversees all household services. She has excelled as a housewife because of her caring nature and empathetic personality.

Lais is also a huge fan of her husband. She attends matches at Etihad Stadium to support her partner. Even at home, she assists Ederson in remaining cheerful and calm.

Social Media

Lais gained a massive fan following on Instagram after the couple’s relationship became public. On her page, she mostly posts pictures of her adorable children. There are also several photos of the couple together.

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