Jamie Foxx’s Biological Mother Louise Annette Talley Dixon Age, & Bio

Louise Annette Talley Dixon has recently gained media attention as Jamie Foxx’s biological mother. She abandoned Foxx when he was young. Her son is an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, television host, and record producer from the United States.

Early Life of Louise Annette Talley Dixon

Louise Annette Talley Dixon, the celebrity mother, was born in the United States of America. Her parents raised her somewhere in the United States. Based on her photo, we can estimate her age to be in her late 70s.

She is Esther Marie Talley’s and Mark Talley’s daughter. Louise is of black ethnicity and has American nationality. Other aspects of her personal life were kept hidden.

Relationship with her Son

Louise Annette Talley Dixon separated from her son Jamie Foxx due to personal issues. According to reports, she abandoned Jamie when he was only 7 months old. Jamie, the actor, attempted to locate and reconnect with his mother. After 45 years, he tracked down his birth mother and reconnected with her. He also attempted to mend his broken past.

Louise and her son finally resolve their differences and repair their relationship. According to reports, the actor was mending fences with his parents. In an apparent effort to establish and maintain a relationship with his mother, he had her move into his home. The mother and son have been seeing each other since then.

Net Worth of Louise Annette Talley Dixon’s Son Jamie Foxx

We previously mentioned that Louise Annette Talley Dixon recently rose to prominence as the mother of popular American actor Jamie Foxx. As a result, estimating her actual net worth without knowledge of her professional career is difficult. However, she is now living a lavish lifestyle on her son’s earnings.

According to celebrity net worth, her son Jamie Foxx has a net worth of $150 million. Foxx еаrlеr tаnd-uр hоw аnd аlbum hаvе аlо соntrbutеd tо h vаt wеаlth. He owns a beautiful mansion in the ddеn valley and lives a luxurious life.

The actor also has an impressive car collection, which includes brands such as Rоll Rоусе, еntlеу, аnd а ugаtt Vеуrоn thаt LRLLLY раntеd gоld. He was most recently seen cruising around Albu in a £134,000 Rеzvаn аnk.

Married Life of Louise Annette Talley Dixon

In terms of her personal life, Louise Annette Talley Dixon was married to Darrel Bishop. There is also no information on when and how their relationship began.

She gave birth to three children during their marriage: Jamie Foxx, Deidra Dixon, and Diondra Dixon. She abandoned her son Jamie Foxx when he was only 7 months old for personal reasons.

Her marriage to Bishop did not last long, and the couple divorced. Also missing is the date of their divorce. She had to put up with a lot while raising three kids on her own as a single parent.

As a result, Jamie Foxx was raised by his mother’s guardians Esther Marie and Mark Talley. Louise is living a happy life for the time being. She is currently single and content.

Louise Annette Talley Dixon’s Professional Career

Overall, Louise has never spoken about her vocation or calling. Nonetheless, as a single parent raising three kids, she may have worked during those days.

Alternatively, she could have been involved in any type of business. Despite the fact that she is no longer a working lady, she may have tried her luck back then.

Who is the son of Louise Annette Talley Dixon?

Jamie, her son, began his career as a jokester in 1989, performing at an open mic night at a satire club. Without further ado, he was given the stage name Jamie Foxx in honor of Redd Foxx, a dark joke artist. Jamie got his first acting part two years into his parody career in the 1991 satire arrangement titled In Living Color, after which he landed a regular role in the sitcom titled Roc.

He also appeared in the 1992 satire film Toys, and later, from 1996 to 2001, he hosted his own sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show. He released his first collection, Peep This, in 1994, appeared in Oliver Stone’s film Any Given Sunday in 1999, and appeared in Michael Mann’s TV show Ali in 2001.

Jamie Foxx has five albums to his credit and has collaborated with a number of musicians and rappers. In 2003, he collaborated with Kanye West on the song Slow Jamz as Gold Digger, and in 2005, he released his second studio album, Unpredictable. Jamie and Kanye West won Best Duet/Collaboration at the 2006 BET Awards for their song Gold Digger.