Lucy McLay Age, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Wiki, Biography

Lucy Mclay, a costume designer, social media consultant, and occasional actress, gained national attention following her relationship with New Zealand actor Antony Starr. Antony Starr is also well-known for his role in “The Boys,” an Amazon Prime series.

Age of Lucy McLay

When it came to personal information, she had been extremely private. She hasn’t even mentioned her birthday, father’s, or mother’s names. She was born in New Zealand in 1980, according to some outside sources. Lucy is her nickname.

Although, unlike other celebrities, she has not used her husband’s or boyfriend’s frame to her advantage, whatever she has accomplished is the result of her hard work and self-belief.

Education Background

She has not disclosed her educational background, but we can conclude that she is well educated. We can probably tell she finished her education in New Zealand. However, her school name, college name, and educational qualification remain unknown at this time.

Married Life of Lucy McLay

Lucy has been married to New Zealand actor Antony Starr for a long relationship. They’ve been dating since 2008 when they met at a restaurant. It wasn’t love at first sight when they first met at the restaurant, but they exchanged numbers, spent some time together, and eventually fell in love.

In many entertainment shows, Antony Starr has a blossoming relationship with costume designer Lucy McLay.

According to some sources, there is a rumor that they both married, but the couple has yet to be confirmed. So they may be getting married soon.

They are both living happy lives and adore each other. In 2004, they both worked on a film called “Without A Paddle.” Similarly, both partners are considerate of one another.

Net Worth of Lucy McLay

She is a professional costume designer and occasional actress who worked as a costume supervisor in Auckland, New Zealand. She has yet to reveal her net worth, but as of 2021, her estimated net worth is around $100,000, according to some online sources.

Furthermore, Lucy has been involved in a variety of businesses throughout her career, as well as some modeling. As a result, she has a diverse set of income sources and is self-sufficient. She has also managed the costume and wardrobe departments of several well-known films.

Height of Lucy McLay

Her age as of 2021 is 41. Her height is approximately 5 feet 7 inches (173cm). She is a generous woman who always promotes humanity and never hesitates to help the poor and needy.

Her weight is 60kg, and she has a slim body type with measurements of 34-27-35. She has lovely black hair, lovely dark black eyes, and a lovely nose.

Social Media

She is, as previously stated, a very private person. She does not have a social media account as of September 2021. We searched her boyfriend’s social media account for her performance, but he hasn’t mentioned her in any post or picture, implying that she doesn’t have a social media account.

So, rather than using social media, she may be focusing on her career and spending the rest of her life with her loved one.