Maceo Robert Martinez Bio, Age, (Helle Berry’s Son) Father

Maceo Robert is well-known for being the son of Actress Helle Berry and actor Oliver Martinez. Helle Berry is a model and actress best known for her role in the film Boomerang. Oliver Martinez is a French actor best known for his roles in films such as Un, Deux, Trois, and Soleil.

Age of Maceo Robert Martinez

Maceo Robert Matinez was born in Los Angeles, California on October 5, 2013. In Spanish, his name means “God’s gift.” He is only 8 years old and his zodiac sign is Libra. His father, Oliver Martinez, and his mother, Helle Berry, gave birth to him.

There were rumors that his parents were divorcing in March 2014, shortly after his birth. He also has a half-sister, Nahla Ariela Aubry.

Relationship Status

Maceo Robert is still far too young to be in a relationship. His mother, on the other hand, previously married baseball player David Justice in 1993. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 1997.

Later, she dated musician Eric Benet, whom she married in 2001. However, the marriage did not last long and ended in divorce.

Furthermore, his mother was in a relationship with Gabriel Aubry, which ended in 2010. On July 13, 2013, his parents married in France.

Unfortunately, they had to divorce in 2016 due to personal reasons. His mother has been in a relationship with Van Hunt since 2020.

Maceo Robert Martinez’s Net Worth

Maceo is still too young to begin his career. As a result, he enjoys his parents’ net worth and lives a lavish lifestyle with them.

He has not earned it yet because he is not involved in any profession. But, like his parents, we will be successful in the future.

His mother has a net worth of $90 million, while his father has a net worth of $30 million, according to celebrity net worth.

As we all know, their successful careers as actors and actresses provide the majority of their income. Similarly, both of them are well-known, respected, and well-deserved Hollywood figures.

Professional Career

Maceo Robert is only eight years old and is still too young to pursue a professional career. However, he has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of his two famous parents. Helle Berry relocated to New York City in 1989 to pursue a career as an actress.

She struggled a lot at first. She was even forced to live in a homeless shelter for a short time. Finally, she was cast in the television show ‘Living Dolls.’ After 12 episodes, The ABC network canceled the show.

She made her film debut in 1991. As a result, she was given the opportunity to play a minor role in Spike Lee’s ‘Jungle Fever.’

As a result, she portrayed a drug addict named ‘Vivian’ in the film. Later, she starred in the television miniseries ‘Alex Haley’s Queen.’ In February 1993, ‘CBS’ aired the series in three installments. Halle has seen in the 2000 superhero film X-Men as ‘Storm.’

The superhero film was a critical and commercial success. She finally landed her breakthrough role in 2001. She was offered the role of Leticia Musgrove by the actor. She was last seen in the romantic drama film ‘Monster’s Ball.’

As a result of her outstanding performance, she was widely praised and received numerous awards. In addition, in 2003, she appeared as a psychiatrist in the supernatural thriller Gothika. In the film, her character is charged with murder.

Moving on, she has appeared in films such as ‘Catwoman’ (2004), ‘Perfect Stranger’ (2007), and ‘Robots’ (2005).

Unfortunately, none of the three films did well. She was seen in the 2010 film ‘Frankie & Alice’ as ‘Frankie.’ She portrayed a woman who has two alters and suffers from a dissociative identity disorder.

She had several roles in the 2012 science fiction film Cloud Atlas. As a result, The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer directed it. Important roles were also played by Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent, and Ben Whishaw in the film.

In the meantime, she starred as Storm in the 2014 superhero film ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ She appeared in the stand-up comedy concert film ‘Kevin Hart: What Now?’ in 2016.

In the following years, she portrayed an agent in the film ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’ Maceo Robert has been living a lavish lifestyle, but only because of her mother’s earnings. And a cute child is still too young to begin his professional career.

Height of Maceo Robert Martinez

Maceo Robert is very cute and attractive, but no information about his body measurements, such as weight, height, and body measurements, is provided.

He does, however, have curly brown hair and large black eyes. He is also not active on social media platforms because he is only 8 years old.