Madison Desantis Age, Birthday, Parents, Net Worth

Madison Desantis is well-known as the daughter of Ron Desantis, an American politician, and attorney. She rose to prominence as a result of her father’s name and fame.

Ron Desantis is a well-known American politician and lawyer. Since 2019, Ron Desantis has served as Florida’s 46th governor. He was also a member of the Republican Party and represented Florida’s 6th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

Age of Madison Desantis

Madison Desantis was born in the country of the United States of America. Madison has not stated her exact birth date. Madison Desantis is the daughter of Ron and Casey Desantis (Mother). Her father is a well-known politician and lawyer, and her mother is a former television host.

Madison Desantis grew up with her brother Mason Desantis and sister Mamie Desantis. Karen Rogers and Ronald Desantis are her grandparents. In terms of education, she is too young to attend junior high school.

Her Parents’ Profesional Career

When Ron Desantis was still a student at аrvаrd Lаw chооl, hе еrvеd n thе U.S, Nаvаl Rееrvе еntrе, lосаtеd n Dаllа, еа. Rоn graduated from Naval Ustance School in 2005 and was assigned to the Ongoing G. rаl еrvеnce оuth ffсе оmmаnd At a рrоесutоr in Flоrdа’s Nаvаl tаtоn ауроrt. He was promoted from a lieutenant, junior grade, to a lieutenant. He worked in various offices before deciding to serve in Poland.

He declared his intention to run in the Republican primary for Florida’s 6th congressional district in 2012. е wоn 39% of the vote, while Frеd оtеllо received 23%. In the same year, he won the general election with 57% of the vote, defeating Dеmосrаtс nоmnее еаthеr еаvеn. We also get mаоrtе n аll fоur соuntе.

Madison Desantis’ mother has appeared on the Golf Channel shows On The Tee and PGA Tour Today. Casey also worked as a local newscaster and anchor for WJXT, an independent station in Jacksonville, Florida, where she held various positions such as general assignment reporter, morning anchor, and police reporter. Casey also contributed to special reports, including those for CNN.

Casey was a creator moderator for The Chat, an hour-long round table panel discussion talk show that aired on Tegna’s Jacksonville stations WTLV (NBC) and WJXX in 2014. (ABC). DeSantis also hosted the daily local talk show First Coast Living and the weekly entrepreneur program The American Dream.

DeSantis also wrote and produced the television documentary Champion, The JT Townsend Story, about J.T. Townsend, a high school football player.

Casey met Ron DeSantis, a naval officer at Naval Station Mayport, on a golf course. In September 2010, the couple married.

Casey established the First Lady’s Medal for Courage, Commitment, and Service in February 2019. Soon after, she announced “Celebrating Public Service” as Florida’s 2019 Black History Month theme at the Governor’s Mansion, where she and the governor congratulated the winners of Florida’s Black History Month student contests and the recipients of the Excellence in Education Award. Mary Ann Carroll, The Highwaymen’s lone female member, was also named Florida’s featured artist for the month by DeSantis.

Casey took part in a Redfish Recovery Release to help combat the devastating effects of red tide. “I’ve heard from people all over Florida who understand the importance of keeping our water safe for our families, visitors, and economy.”

DeSantis has also held listening sessions on Venezuela, Hurricane Relief, and Mental Health in order to better understand the state’s overall situation. DeSantis was recently appointed by the governor as the Chair of the Children and Youth Cabinet.

In August 2019, DeSantis presided over the first meeting of the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet. On October 4, 2021, Casey’s husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Net Worth of Madison Desantis

Madison has no profession that contributes to her net worth. Her father’s net worth was $21 million, and her mother’s net worth ranged from $1 million to $3 million.

Relationship Status

Madison Desantis is currently unattached. She is unaware of her romantic life. In terms of her parents’ relationship, the couple married in September 2010 in front of their friends and families.

Social Media

Madison Desantis does not appear to be active on social media. She is too small to participate in social media accounts and cannot manage her own.