Madison Haschak Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height, Sister

Madison Haschak is a young and talented dancer who is well-known around the world for her outstanding dancing skills and videos on social media. In general, she is well-known for her YouTube career, where she used to make videos with her sisters under the name Haschak Sisters.

Age of Madison Haschak

Madison Haschak will be 21 years old in 2022. She was born in California on June 27, 2000. Madison Haschak was born under the sign of Cancer. Furthermore, her current educational details show that she is enrolled in a local private university in Pennsylvania.

Haschak, Madison Kathy is her mother’s name, and John is her father’s. Her mother works as a housewife, and her father is a mechanic. Aside from that, she has three sisters: Gracie, Sierra, and Olivia.

Fortunately, they are all working on the same channel as Madison Haschak. Yes, we’re referring to the Haschak Sisters’ YouTube channel. They all posted videos on their YouTube channels. As a result, they all receive an equal share of the profits.

Boyfriend of Madison Haschak

Jonathan Fuller is Madison Haschak’s boyfriend. It’s unclear what her boyfriend is doing right now based on his profession. However, he can be seen in a number of videos on the Haschak Sisters’ official YouTube channel.

They are still looking at each other while sharing positive and humorous moments. As a result, it’s clear that they’re still dating. Aside from that, no one has ever been associated with Madison Haschak as her boyfriend.

Madison Haschak’s Net Worth

Madison Haschak’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. She earned this substantial sum primarily through social media accounts with significant earnings.

One major platform is YouTube, where she creates videos with her sisters and earns money from advertising and sponsored content.

She does, however, have accounts on other social media platforms with significant earnings. As a result, it’s pretty clear that she also makes a good living from it.

Professional Career

Madison Haschak has always loved to dance and has done so since she was an age. As a result, in 2002, she began her passion by joining the Temecula Dance Company. So we can say that it’s the beginning of her career and preparation for the dancing category.

She did all of this for the next six years until she joined YouTube and started a channel called “Haschak Sisters” with her three other siblings.

She used to post about dancing, VLOGs, and various video categories from there. She currently has over 9 million subscribers on that channel.

Madison has her own Instagram account, where she has already posted 339 times and has over 500,000 followers. On the other hand, she uses the Haschak sister’s Instagram account, which has nearly 1 million followers.

If we add up all of the following, she earns a substantial amount of money. Meanwhile, she is working hard to expand her social media platforms in order to have more incredible dancing opportunities in her life.

Height of Madison Haschak

Madison Haschak stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has a vibrant personality and a distinct sense of style, which elevates the social media star’s overall appearance at this height.

Aside from that, she weighs around 55 kg, has a body measurement of 32-26-36, and wears a shoe size of 5 (US).

Madison Haschak is a beautiful woman with curly blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Furthermore, her Asian skin tone enhances her overall appearance in public and on the internet.