Mads Lewis Age, Height, Boyfriend, Siblings, Net Worth 2022

Mads Lewis, also known as Madison, is a well-known Internet personality who is an American social media star and actress. She rose to prominence in the public eye after posting lip-sync videos on TikTok, where she amassed a large following.

Mads Lewis did not become famous overnight. It is the entire difficult process that she must go through, complete with hardship and difficulties. However, the end result has made all of her hardships worthwhile.

She began using TikTok at a time when it was known as She gradually gained a large amount of attention from the platform and is now one of the most popular TikTok stars in America.

She appeared in a web series after gaining popularity and has worked on other major projects concurrently. She is working hard to break into the Hollywood industry, which appears to be a distant dream for her at the moment.

Age of Mads Lewis

Mads Lewis will be 19 years old in 2022. Her place of birthplace is Arizona, and she was born on December 24, 2002. If we’re talking about her zodiac sign, she’s a Capricorn.

Her educational history indicates that she was homeschooled. She is, however, studying mass communication and journalism at Louisiana State University.

Mads Lewis has a very happy and supportive family, which has contributed significantly to her internet success. Mads Lewis’s mother is Tiffany Lewis, and her father is Steve Lewis. Aside from that, she has a brother named “Dakota” and a sister named “Riley Lewis.”

When it comes to her parents’ jobs, her mother is a fashion designer and her father is a construction worker.

Her mother’s fashion design background may be a major influence on her appearance in the hot and dashing style of her clothing. However, we have never seen her entire family use social media platforms and gain the same number of followers.

As a result, she is the only one in the family who is interested and has a large number of active followers.

Aside from that, she appreciates low status, music, quality craftsmanship, and traditions. Furthermore, she aspires to be a responsible family member who handles everything that falls on her shoulders.

Dating Mads Lewis’ Boyfriend

She is currently in a relationship with Christian Plourde, also known as Sevryn, a Tiktok star with a large fan base. Surprisingly, both confirmed the news, and they are now happily dating.

She previously dated Jaden Hossler, a TikTok star with over 9 million active followers. He frequently posts dance and comedic videos, which has contributed to his popularity.

Mads Lewis posted a video in April 2021 in which she blamed her breakup with Jaden on Tiktok star Nessa Barrett. Mads had removed photos of himself with Jaden Hossler from Instagram and unfollowed him. Mads Lewis herself confirmed the breaking up news.

She previously dated Charles Gitnick, but they split up after a year of dating.

Mads Lewis’s Net Worth

Mads Lewis’ net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million as of 2022. Brand Deals, Endorsements, Sponsored Posts, and Collaborations with Major Brands earned the young star a lot of money.

Furthermore, she has a YouTube Channel where she frequently uploads videos, so a significant portion of her earnings come from YouTube ad revenue.

Professional Career

Prior to becoming famous, she used to make videos for fun on, which is now known as Tiktok. The enjoyable activity quickly grows into a major account with a sizable following. Mads Lewis began to take it seriously, uploading various types of content in a unique and high-quality manner.

Because of her consistency, she was able to gain a large number of followers, and she was now entertaining more than 11 million active followers on her Tiktok personal account.

She became interested in Instagram and started a YouTube channel after gaining a lot of fame. Her Instagram fan base exceeds 6 million, and her YouTube subscribers exceed 500,000.

When all of them are combined, she will easily generate a large amount of income, which is incredible. She has always wanted to be an actress.

As a result, she is now focusing on achieving the goal. Fortunately, she has already begun her acting career as a lead in the web series “Chicken Girls.”

Height and Weight of Mads Lewis

Mads Lewis stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. She leads a very healthy lifestyle, eating only healthy foods and adhering to strict timetables.

She has kept her weight at 55 kg because of these factors. The body measurements are approximately 34-26-35, and the bra cup size is 33C. She also wears 7(US) shoe sizes.

When it comes to her appearance, she’s pretty daring and hot. She has beautiful hazel eyes and blonde hair.