Dirk Nowitzki’s Daughter Malaika Nowitzki Age, Siblings, Net Worth

If you are a basketball fan, you are probably aware of Dirk Nowitzki, a German resigned proficient b-ball player. Regardless, we’ll be talking about Dirk’s daughter Malaika Nowitzki in this article. She has only recently emerged as a celebrity daughter.

Siblings of Malaika Nowitzki

Malaika, the celebrity daughter, was born in the United States of America in July 2013. She is the senior child of her parents, Jessica Olsson and Drik Nowitzki. Malaika is of mixed ethnicity, having an American nationality.

Her father is a German native, and her mother is of Kenyan descent. Max Nowitzki, her sibling, was born in 2014. Morris Nowitzki, her second sibling, was born in 2016.

She is part of a trilingual family with her siblings. Their parents had told them to communicate in English, German, and Swedish. She is starting elementary school right now.

Malaika Nowitzki Ignored the Spotlight

Her parents kept Malika and her siblings out of the spotlight for the first few years of their lives. On a couple of Nowitzki’s final games before his official retirement last April, the family was pictured with their mother. She and her siblings will be introduced to various societies.

“So they can grow up with a receptive outlook,” Malaika’s mother said. “What’s more, through their encounters and our direction, they will end up being their own people.”

As Malaika’s mother explained to the Dallas News, her parents admit they don’t know if the children fully comprehend that the thundering and applauding was for their father.

“At the point when they go to games and see their father play, it’s energizing for some time. And afterward we have to get some popcorn to keep them occupied. Be that as it may, Max, he can watch a whole game. He’s truly into it.”

Her Parents’ Married Life and Racial Disagreement

Because of their different races, her parents’ marriage became an intriguing issue. The couple attended the ESPYS grant, which is an honor service for a sportsperson, together.

There was a lot of speculation when her father, Nowitzki, kissed her mother in front of the cameras after accepting an honor at the event. Then, fans took to social media to express their awe at seeing Maverick’s inhabitant German with a lady of color.

Her parents’ skin tone has never been an issue. Growing up in Germany with children of all races helped her father Dirk see past each race’s misinterpretation. Drik, Malaika’s father, stated,

” Color or race for me never truly made a difference, and that is likewise the excellence of sports,” he said. “You’re a group. Same with marriage. You’re a group and pulling on a similar string. You attempt to make it work, and science must be there. That is only the manner in which I was raised.”

Her parents tied the knot on July 20, 2012, after dating for over three years. Malaika’s parents met in Scotland in 2010, while the two were on vacation. The wedding reception was held at Dirk’s home in Preston Hollow.

They went on a special night to the Caribbean at that point. Finally, they became the guardians of three children. The group of five frequently goes on exciting excursions.

Nowitzki Lavis Net Worth; Father’s Net Worth in Millions

Malaika is just a young lady contemplating and enjoying her adolescence. As a result, there are no inquiries about her total assets. There is no doubt that Malaika lives an extravagant life as the daughter of a wealthy athlete.

Her father, Dirk Nowitzki, has a net worth of $140 million, ranking him thirteenth on the list of the most wealthy NBA players.

She and her family live in an $8 million dollar house in Dallas’ Billionaire’s Row neighborhood. Malaika’s mother is doing well in her career and earning a good living.

In 2013, her father Drik earned approximately $23 million from the Mavericks. She is living a prosperous life as a result of her parents’ success.