Mia Randall’s Father, Parents, Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Family, Bio

Mia Randall is the younger sister of Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, a popular American football quarterback. Mia is well-known for her close relationship with her older brother, Patrick.

Patrick is currently a member of the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs and is only the second African-American quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP. Mia is frequently seen with her older brother and is most likely his biggest fan. So, let us take a look at the life of a celebrity sibling.

Age of Mia Randall

Mia Randall was born in the United States on July 12, 2011. Mia will be 11 years old in 2022. Her daughter is Randi Gail Martin, and her father’s name is unknown. Mia Bliss is another name for her.

Her two older brothers, Patrick Mahomes II and Jackson Mahomes lavished her with love as the youngest daughter. Her older brother plays professional football, and her younger brother, Jackson, is a social media sensation.

Mia is of African-American ethnicity and of American nationality. She also has the Cancer zodiac sign.


There hasn’t been much information released about Mia RRandall’s education. She has, however, participated in a variety of sports.

She enjoys basketball and baseball, and she has recently expressed an interest in volleyball. Mia has been involved in sports since she was an age.

Professional Career

Mia is professional football quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister. The identity of Mia’s biological father has not been revealed to the public. Mia and Patrick, on the other hand, have the same mother.

Patrick and Jackson, her half-brother, are the sons of former Major League Baseball pitcher Patrick Lavon Mahomes, aka Pat Mahomes.

Mia and Patrick have a close relationship because of their mother. She is frequently seen attending and cheering on her brother’s games.

Relationship Status

Mia Randall is a sports enthusiast, as evidenced by her participation in a variety of sports. She is a confident young lady who is supportive of her two older brothers.

Mia makes it a point to attend the game with her older brother. She also promotes Jackson’s channels and marches in his honor.

Mia enjoys golf as well. She can also ride a jet ski boat, which she has demonstrated on Instagram. Mia has a close relationship with her brothers. Brittany Matthews, her aunt, is also close to her. Mia was raised in a Christian home.

Net Worth of Mia Randall

Mia Randall lives a lavish lifestyle. With his $503 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, her brother signed the second-largest known contract in sporting history.

Mia has received media attention for being the younger and only loved sister of a multi-millionaire brother.

Mia does not have to be concerned about her expensive vacations, extra sports classes, or expensive clothes and shoes.

She is living an amazing life that everyone wishes they could have. Mia currently lives in the United States with her mother. She is frequently seen flying in private jets.

Height of Mia Randall

She is a physically active child who enjoys sports. Mia has brown curly hair and dark eyes. She has two dimples and is growing into a lovely young lady. However, little is known about her height, weight, or sexual orientation.

Social Media

Mia Randall has an Instagram account. Her mother is in charge of her finances. She has over 15k Instagram followers under the handle @miabliass15. Randi, MMia’s mother, has been posting pictures of her personal life on Instagram since 2019.