Bam Margera’s Ex-Wife Missy Rothstein Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts

Melissa Rothstein, despite being an American model and photographer, is well-known due to her relationship with Bam Margera, a well-known American pro-skateboarder and stuntman. Melissa became well-known as a celebrity ex-wife after the couple married but had to divorce.

Age of Missy Rothstein

On June 3, 1980, he was born to parents Marian Rothstein (mother) and an unknown father. Her birthplace is Springfield, Pennsylvania, and she was born under the sign of Gemini. Melissa Ann Rothstein is her given name. Missy is of white ethnicity and of American nationality.

Missy Rothstein
Caption: Missy Rothstein with her Ex-Husband (Sources: Legit .ng)

She attended Chester High School in Chester, Pennsylvania. She then enrolled at Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania. Missy graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Missy Rothstein’s Career and Facts

Missy is a cat person who has two cats named Trouble and Mischief.

She has two siblings, Amanda, who has Down syndrome, and Jessica, who has Lyme disease, according to reports.

According to various reports, Missy lives in Los Angeles, California.

She wanted to be a model when she was younger, but she decided to pursue acting instead.

Her acting career began in 2003 when she played Beth in the comedy-romance film Haggard.

Bam Margera, her ex-husband, wrote and directed the film Haggard.

Missy appeared in several episodes of the reality show Viva La Bam in the years that followed.

She also appeared in the MTV reality show Bam’s Unholy Union.

Missy was even approached by Playboy magazine to pose naked with her ex-husband for a guest shoot.

In the year 2008, Missy was cast in the original film Where the #$&% Is Santa?

She also appeared in a music video for the rock band CKY.

She appeared in the comedy film Minghags as Sorority Chick / Hot Nurse.

Married Life of Missy Rothstein

Missy and Bam had met for many years prior to their marriage and had only been in a romantic relationship. They got engaged in 2005 after dating for several years. Missy Rothstein married Bam Margera officially on February 3, 2007.

The lavish wedding ceremony took place at the Loews Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. In addition, 350 guests, including friends and family, were invited to their lavish wedding. Ban was interviewed on LA Ink about his wedding with his tattoo artist friend Kat Von D.

“I have $13,000 worth of damages I have to pay for. Everybody got so wasted, they started breaking light fixtures and kicking in the bathroom doors.”

They had a lovely honeymoon in Dubai soon after their marriage. Missy and Bam appeared to be content, and their marriage appeared to be going well. They also didn’t have any children from their marriage.

Divorce of Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera

Their marriage began to have problems after two years of marriage. After her husband Bam was hospitalized for alcohol abuse in 2009, the couple sought marriage counseling. He also went on a four-day alcoholic binge, which left him severely “dehydrated.”

The television personality Margera then developed kidney and leg muscle problems as a result of not eating or drinking enough water. He later stated,

“I may get a divorce …booze helps.” The couple then went on counseling twice a week.

At the time, he told TMZ that his wife

“thinks I have a split personality, like Jekyll and Hyde”.

Bam was also prescribed Lexapro, an antidepressant, to help control his mood swings. He was admitted to Howard Stern while they were living apart in October 2010. Even Bam admitted to having

“a girlfriend in San Francisco … and then another one in West Chester”

Missy and Bam’s marriage ended in divorce on November 1, 2012.

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera’s First Date

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera are childhood pals who attend the same high school. They were classmates in high school and college. They were just friends at times.

Missy and Bam reconnected in the mid-2000s, and she assisted her in landing a few acting gigs. They only started dating after that. They received attention after appearing on the television reality show “Bam’s Unholy Union.”

Life After Divorce

Missy Rothstein has kept a low profile since her divorce. She has also made no disclosures about the divorce agreement. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, began dating Nicole Boyd.

Their romance blossoms into a marriage, and they have been happily married since 2013. She was happy after the divorce, however, and tweeted that she is now free. She had also celebrated the occasion with a divorce party.

Net Worth of Missy Rothstein

Missy Rothstein has an estimated net worth of $1 million from her various careers. She has worked as a model, actress, and photographer. So Missy may be earning a fair salary for her work in the entertainment industry.

Her ex-husband, Bam Margera, has a net worth of more than $20 million. Bam earned a lot of money from his various professional careers as an actor, producer, stuntman, and former professional skater.

Where is Missy Rothstein today?

Missy Rothstein is hiding her life in Los Angeles, California. She has also been very busy with her career.

Height of Missy Rothstein

Missy Rothstein’s physical characteristics are as follows.

Rothstein, Missy Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.7m).

Rothstein, Missy It weighs 63 kg (138 pounds).

Dark brown hair color

Color of eyes: light hazel

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